Looks like our renowned leaders in Washington have given me a new category for some of my future Blogs.

The new category is STUPID IS as STUPID DOES.
OK, I stole it from Forrest Gump, but I expect he really won’t mind.

What brought me to this as the title for my Blog today, and for other future Blogs.

Well Have you read the paper or watched your TV in the last several days?

Our elected representatives have decided to play “Chicken” with the national Budget.

Yeah! Chicken. 

That’s when two CHILDREN stand in front of each other and get a red in the face and dare the other one blink frst.

Here we sit, the working people of America literally being embarassed by our government.

Have they forgotten?  We elected them to RUN the government, NOT shut it down.

But this gathering of idiots would rather make some vague point to each other on who had the longest (X-Rated) than the other one.

No matter that people will be out of work until this fiasco ends.

No matter that they are arguing over their own personal agendas, and not those of the majority of the population of the country.

We aren’t important to these imbeciles. You know, the tear jerking Conservative, and the hard core high spending Liberal.

When did getting elected to public office mean that you got to follow your heart, and not the hearts of your constituency?

Did I take a nap or something on the day that they changed the rules?

They are there because I (and you) put them there.

And we put them there to represent and WORK for us.

God knows we pay the slippery Pricks enough.

And we let them give themselves every premium benefit to cushion their work.

You know; the best Insurance in the world, essentially an unlimited staff of assistants, limitless budgets for research and data analysis by hired experts, and, of course, free travel around the world and even  mistesss’ if deisred.

Well, I guess some people just can’t be made happy.

We give them all of this, and they still want to screw us, the people of America.

Maybe it’s time that, we, the people, came up with a plan. 
A plan where they spend wisely and frugally, and, and I know this is scary, but a plan where they make long-term plans.
A plan to force Congress back to the basics, and away from their shared personal God complex’s.



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