Just THINKIN’ #3 Politicians and Lying

I was watching the news this morning and I was a little distressed by the fact that they were showing an ad by one politician WHO WAS RUNNING FOR A JUDGESHIP POSITION.

She was listing the, what she calls, numerous instances where her opponent has had legal problems and been in court defending himself.

So, I was Just THINKING,
Is this true or is it a part of the world of our election process where anyone can put out an ad that says pretty much anything about their opponents?

What happened to telling the TRUTH in Election ads?
1- About yourself. and
2- About your opponent.

When did it become OK to control elections by having more money to deluge the public with your ads, than your opponent?

I am not a proponent of new laws that regulate our world today. God knows that we have too many of those now. But, I really do think that we need some kind of regulation/penalty system that will allow the public to hear the TRUTH and not to tell lies!

All I want is a simple rule; 
If you say it, it had better be the Truth, or you are in trouble!

How do we do this, I don’t know, but I dontt want to keep finding out these things about our local politicians just because it is a slow news day and the media decides to pick up on a political ad for filler..

Nuff Said!!



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