I don’t care who you are, JESSE! Check the facts before you speak.


OK, everyone, I heard Jesse Jackson this mornings news.

I will not repeat his statements here, because I am adding a link to the site;FACT CHECKER. Mark Robinson addressed what Mr. Jackson so falsely stated about Florida and the “Stand Your Ground” law we have in place.

But, in summary, and before you go to the link, I was stunned when I heard a public figure be so divisive as to say that the Stand Your Ground Law should be repealed because “too many Blacks are being Killed since the law was implemented.


Besides the statement being false, as you will see in the link below, do American citizens, regardless of their color,really need to hear someone, anyone, try to justify the repeal of a law put in place by a majority of the citizens, because too many of the actual bad guys, again regardless of color, are being killed or injured by the people they attack?

I mean, OK, let’s take the subject of guns out of the equation.

Let me ask you, is it OK if I defend myself with a knife?

OK, OK, a knife can kill the bad guy, you say.

Then, can I usa a baseball bat?

Oh, a baseball bat might give the bad guy a concussion?

So, no baseball bat either?

So, let me take a look at my options here. According to you Jesse, if f a bad guy attacks me or my family, I assume that you want me to do what? Lie down and wait to be wounded, injured, or even killed, just to be politically correct?

Well, I’m SORRY! If you attack me, then law or no law, I am going to defend myself. And if that means taking you out defending myself, then so be it!

That’s how we Roll in Florida! And Jesse, That’s how normal, hard-working, God-fearing, Americans, regardless of Color, race or sex, Roll.

Jeez! I am so tired of seeing only the idiots and hate mongers being coddled by our media. Just print anything they say! It’s good news!

Anyway, Please read the link below and get the actual facts on the issue that Mr. Jackson so quickly distorted.


A look at Jesse Jacksons claims about Stand Your Ground.

Orange Wave



    • You know, eventually you just have to stand up and speak the truth! In my own way, I am throwing off the yoke, and I am standing up and saying, to the world: Let’s be equals, and not servants of antiquated laws that suppress one people to advance another.
      my back hurts fro carrying the extra load.

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