I Was Just Thinkin’- Does Our Government Spend Money just because it can?

I was Just Thinkin'

I was Just Thinkin’

I was Just Thinkin’

Does our government have real justifications for the money they are spending, or do they just do it because the expenditures are grandiose investments in outdated and established causes that have, long ago, lost their polish and shine?

Here is how my muddled mind works. A Scenario for failure!

Take Country-A, somewhere in the world, it doesn’t matter where, really.

Country-A hates Country-B.

Presently, we don’t like Country-B either.

So, we decide to give Country-A some money; say 10-Million Dollars a year, to defend themselves in case Country-B attacks them.

This is how we and other rich nations rub it in the nose of a country to let them that we do not like them. Give money to their enemies.

Of course, we start we just keep writing the checks to Country-A, for years.

It’s now in the Budget, you see.

After a few years though Country-B, to every ones amazement, has a Coup and suddenly becomes a wonderful nation itself. Its new leader, sitting on the barrel of one of its French (or Soviet, or Chinese) tanks and announces to the four corners of the world that they have aspirations of becoming the next great democracy of the world.

So, now we have a new gang of political idiots in Washington who are duly impressed by this new Country-B. They are nearly orgasmic when they se the words “democracy” and “freedom” written on the bullet riddled walls of the many destroyed buildings of the capital city.

To show their new love for Country-B, they bestow say, 20-Million Dollars a year on them. It is necessary, you see, to assure that this new Country-B will continue its march towards its Democratic goals.

Well, in the inimitable way that only our politicians can  do things, they make a grand show of the money grant that we are making to our new friend, Country-B.

Of course, their neighbor, Country-A is really Pissed by this and starts to rattle their international Sabers over how unfair we are being to them in supporting their enemy.

Our politicians go immediately and meet over how much more money they can give to Country-A to, essentially, shut them up.

So, let’s stop here and ask ourselves, what have our politicians accomplished with our money, or should I lift the thin veil from everyone’s eyes and show what it really is, our citizens hard earned tax dollars?

Country-A and Country-B still hate each other, and they always will hate each other. This is because; the truth, the undeniable truth, is that  money doesn’t often buy change, it more often and more easily buys corruption.

And also because of a thing you could call “ingrained hate”. The peoples of these two countries have hated each other for more than a millennium, and the real reason for their hatred has been lost to the ages.

And no amount of money, so casually toosed to them will ever change them.

Their hate is in their bones, in their family jokes, in their history, in the statues erected around the country, in how they wear their clothes differently, in their History books, even, sadly, in their Books of Faith.

So, Really Washington!

Can your feeble legal brains not fathom this basic fact about Humans?

Not 20 or 50 or 100 Million Dollars will change these peoples; not within our lifetimes.

Even I, an opinionated over-the Hill, Redneck, knows that to change inbred cultural hatreds takes generations or learning and commitment. To Change!

Orange Wave

Anyway, I Was Just Thinkin’

by Don Bobbitt, 2013

Orange Wave


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