SPAM ers! I am not as Stupid as You think I am!

JUST THINKIN' #4 Political Conventions

OK, I am Pissed!

I personally am serious about my website, and Blogs.

I write form the Heart! At least I try to.

But you guys! Here is a hint for you …… Idiots!

I use WordPress and I use their Spam detector. So, ALL of your Crap, and I mean ALL of it, is trapped for me to review.

And, Just for your information, I save my SPAM list for when I need some entertainment.

For instance, If the TV channels are spewing their typical brain-numbing drivel, I will often just pout myself a glass of wine, sit down in my favorite chair and go through my SPAM list.

And here are some hints on what makes your CRAP so obviously SPAM:

1- I do NOT speak or read Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, Farsi or any of the other languages from the largest Spam generating countries in the world.  SO, when I see a Comment in these languages, guess what? DELETE!

2- If your website name is some non-sensical combination of numbers and characters then guess what? DELETE!

3- If I move my mouse over your site/email name and it shows me a blank box then guess what? DELETE!

4- If your Comment is written in obviously computer generate conversions to English then Guess what? DELETE!

5- If your comment is so poorly written that I have no idea what you are saying, then guess what? DELETE!

Usually, after I get through my SPAM list there are only a couple or typically no Comments for me to actually read and respon to.

SO, OK, I do not have a lot of followers, but those that I do have are people who have something real to say and they interest me.

And, obviously, judging by the size my list of followers, I am either brain-dead, an incoherent writer, or I am just dull as Hell!

But, I DO NOT have SPAM FREAKS as followers!

So ….. Back Off, Suckers!

Don Bobbitt, 2013

Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2013


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