Making excuses for the Tea Party, Trying to condone the destruction of America

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I was listening to the news yesterday and there was an endless line of Congressmen marching in front of the cameras.

The were either attacking and blaming each other for the ridiculous brinksmanship we Americans have been dragged through.

The amazing thing was that each one continued to feel that they were the ones that were right and that the “other guys” were to be blamed for the recent damage to our nation. 

Well, I didn’t vote my local representatives into office for them to take ideological stands that hurt our country.
I voted for them to do what representatives do. And that is to get the things done that the nation requires to be done and to do that with me in mind.
Me, the Average American.

So, as they all continued spouting their own version of double-speak, I just kept an ear open as I read my latest email.

Then one of them got my attention.
This guy, a popular House Republican stated that;

Well, the Tea Party members just didn’t understand how things were done in Washington.
He continued with; They have only been in Congress for a couple of years and they had not learned how to be Legislators. He went on with, if they were not so new, they would have approached their goal in a totally different manner. They would be better legislators once they learned how to do their jobs.

I sat back, stunned.

So, to interpret the “POLITI-SPEAK”, he was saying that it was OK to;

  1. Cost our nation over 24-BILLION DOLLARS.
  2. Cost thousands of our needy citizens their support payments.
  3. Shut down our National Parks and cost thousands of tourists their vacations and our government their cash.
  4. Critically harm our International image as the most stable government in the world.
  5. Unnecessarily scare the American public about the people who run our government.

And, the list could go on, but I will stop here, having made my point.

It is OK for, as one Democrat put it; “Thirty or Forty congressional radicals” to hold the nation and its day-to-day governing power as hostages, even knowing that they would eventually lose their fight, JUST TO MAKE A POINT.

Well, I hope they enjoy their newly reinstated; free Limousine services, free Gym services, postage and mail services, government paid assistants, Free Medical Services, Free Live Insurance, etc, etc, etc.

Because, guess what?
I am not a political leader.
I am not a picket line walker.
I am not a great or even good speaker.

But, I am a citizen and I do have a good memory.

And I will remember. And I will vote. And, right now, I am so upset with these radical people who do not care what they do to our country, as long as they get their way, that I will definitely be VOTING FOR THEIR OPPONENTS.

To paraphrase an old saying; “I will vote for the political equivalent of a One-Armed Paperhanger before I vote for I put these people back in office”.


by Don Bobbitt, Oct.18, 2013


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