ZILMAX Feed Additive in Beef

3c360-cheeseburger_01 Although temporarily suspended, by Merck and Tyson, this new feed additive has strange effects on the animals taking it.

Drugs like this are a good reason to take more care in knowing what you are eating when it comes to meats, especially beef.

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Another reason to avoid Beef.

by Don Bobbitt



3 thoughts on “ZILMAX Feed Additive in Beef

  1. Yes I could not agree more that one needs to know and be knowledgeable about what is being consumed. However, receiving the wrong information is sometimes worse than not knowing at all. These drugs are first off NOT new and are given to make the cattle more lean at slaughter so that the meat is more healthy because there is less fat in it even thought the fat in the meat also known as marbling is what adds the flavor. This is not harmful to humans or cruel to animals as they have a maximum administration period to prevent any damages to the animal. This is not a reason to avoid beef because the beef industry uses this to actually save the consumer money because if fed corn throughout the whole feed out period beef prices would be so high that no one would be able to feed it to their families. People need to actually do research and be educated about what they are actually talking about and be able to separate the truth from the false before they go spreading things that are not true. It not only makes them look bad for spreading lies but it also takes money from farmers and their families that put a lot of hard work in to help feed other families while trying to feed their own. If someone chooses not to eat beef that is fine, but do not try to get others to do the same by telling them lies.

    • missouri aggie- I respect your opinion but the simple fact that the manufacturer, Merck,who has an obvious vested financial interest in this drug being used has pulled it from use as further testing is done, say something to all of us doesn’t it?
      And, my sharing this article was not meant to denigrate farmers or their work. But, there are far too many chemicals being used in and on our foods today without any concern for the effects on the populace.
      Is this drug one of them?
      I, honestly do not know, but, I damned well want to know about such things, and I want the facts shared with everyone.
      And, really!
      The days of the simple 40-acre farmer who is “just trying to get by” are long gone.
      It’s called Agri-Business for a reason. And, businessmen make business decisions, not driven by the heart but by the profit line. So, get real.
      If this and the other chemicals you use are so safe, why are they making so many people ILL?
      But, again, Your opinion is your opinion, and I respect that you disagree with the article I shared.

      • They took it off the market to do further testing to show everyone that it is affective but not harmful. Things used for animals are just like things for humans they have rules and regulations that have to be pasted though the USDA and FDA. And that is good that you are concerned and want to know about what you are consuming and yes you are totally correct the facts should be shared with everyone. However, I do not agree with the business decisions being made by the profit line and not the heart, yes the profit is good because it keeps the business going and the bills paid but when you say that, it makes it sound like the farmers are all about making a dollar or two and do not care about the animals or the people consuming them and that is totally untrue. And when referring to people getting ill, how do they know its these products and not something else?

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