TV News when nothing is happening. It Smells!


Horse Manure

Horse Manure


That’s what I’m talking about! Horse Manure!

I started out OK! I got up, the wife had Coffee made and I washed down my 10 morning pills that the Doctors say I must take.

After scanning the TV channels, I realized that I was just hearing more details on more subjects that were, well, …… Horse Manure.

I guess th real problem for our national news agencies is; what do they do if the world is relatively calm? Well, it seems that they just generate log strings of words to fill the airspace they are allotted. They don’t really say anything, they just talk.

Oh, the subject is probably an important one, but when nothing has happened, you know; no bombs, no suicides, nothing of substance at all, they are pressed to jump out on that popular limb called opinion and leave the reality of facts for tomorrow, and someone else.

So, what do we get as we desperately press our remote controls buttons? HORSE MANURE!

Just like the donations on the street in my picture; Warm, Green, Horse Manure! Of course, what they hand out doesn’t smell as bad, nor does it stick to the soles of our shoes.

But, this made up crap, does leave an odor!

by Don Bobbitt, 2014


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