Still Winds, Florida Hot!



Morning ,,,,,,, Again!

Coffee in hand and Golf on the TV screen.

I prop my leg up on another chair to ease the pain

of my new Blood Clot in the calf.

Eventually, I hobble outside,

sit on my Lanai and

taking a sip the Coffee, I stare across the field.


The first thing I notice is the heat.

It’s already Florida Hot!

You know, what I’m talking about.

Florida is supposed to be hot, but Damn!

When the wind is still, it gets Florida Hot!

Your metabolism goes into overdrive and oozes sweat.

After it has saturated your hair, it runs from your scalp,

onto your face.

It turns whatever you are wearing into

white, salty reservoirs

as gravity slowly pulls it down your back and belly.

Yep, when its this hot, this early,

the day is going to be one of those where everything slows down.

You won’t find any svelte joggers or bikers

eating up the roadsides

in their quest for the perfect body.

You might find a few

in their local air-conditioned gyms.

Oof course, you will always find

the quintessential tourist on the beaches,

racing against their vacation time-clocks,

capturing the most sun and fun possible

during their short stays in Paradise.

And, tonight, they will be coating their bodies

with anything that will ease the pain

of their excessive exposure to the Sun.


I sip my Coffee. I reposition my aching leg.

And, I wait patiently for the seasonal winds and rains

that our tropical weather generates each afternoon.

Then? Who knows, maybe I’ll drink a couple of cold beers

and eat a wrap of some kind,

as I watch another Hot Florida Sunset.

But, Damn! Right Now?

Its Florida Hot!


by Don Bobbitt, July, 2014


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, July, 2014, All Rights Reserved. You are free to enjoy and share this article with your friends and others, but if you wish to use it commercially, you must have the authors permission, in writing.



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