I’m just Having a Great Day, that’s all!


I just thought I would let everyone know.

I’m having a good day, today.

You know how it is, some days you get up and you (or your body?) just isn’t in sync with the world.

Something might ache a little more than normal, or your brain is a mili-second out of sync with the physical universe, and you keep tripping over things, or dropping things, or whatever.

Or, for some unknown reason, you just feel cranky. I like that word, myself. Cranky! The word itself seems to make a nerve-wracking sound to me in my mind, like a screaming baby, or a wailing Cat. And folks, I can get cranky, at times.

Well, I am not cranky this morning. Not to imply that I am normally cranky, but sometimes, occasionally, yes, I do get cranky.

But today, well, WHAT A GREAT DAY.

I got out of bed and did my usual personal inventory. My body is functioning well, considering. I don’t have any Doctors to visit. And, most importantly, my mind is clear and full of ideas for me to explore in my writing.

And, I live in Florida, so the weather is, as usual, wonderful.

So, after our first cup of Coffee, my wife and I decided to work in a dinner after she goes to her hairdresser this afternoon. I’m thinking; Bonefish Grill and their fantastic Bang-Bang Shrimp appetizer. Yum!

Until then, I look forward to a day of writing and maybe a walk around the community to suck in the great weather through my nostrils and eyes.

I want to enjoy each step I take, even the ones that hurt.

I want to slow down and enjoy the colors of the freshly bloomed flowers along the street.

I want to smell the world I live in, both the beautiful and the mundane.

I can’t wait! You see, I’m having a Great Day, Today!

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved

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