Christmas Eve in Tampa, thoughts and observations.


Living in Florida, eventually gives you a unique perspective on such things as the Weather and the living conditions on our Tropical peninsula versus the that of rest of the US.

i though you might enjoy a little free-form poetry by a bad poet, on this Christmas Eve, so here goes.

Taco Truck Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

Hot Tacos and Beans, they’re just waiting

for you to eat, heartburn generating.

Children in Shorts and Flip-flops,

run and play,

with their little Chihuahuas Yipping,

along the way.

Beach walking Tourists,

barefoot in the Sand,

testing the Gulf’s waters

before they go back in.

Pasty white Snowbirds,

working on their tans,

in brand new shorts,

bought, at Beall’s, on sale.

Tiki Bars bulging, its Happy Hour with Snowbirds,

drinking, eating, and laughing at the weather.

Bellies bulging and belts pushed down,

dropping a dollar tip as they waddle out,

wondering why the waiter

is giving them “that look”.

They’re just Cheap Snowbirds, saving their bucks.

Locals must wait to see their Doctors,

this time of year,

The Canadians, booked them,

for the treatments they need,

and can’t get on their government plan.

But that’s Ok, we locals say,

They can only stay six months max.

then their Visas are up.

And they sadly return to their northern climes to wait.

Until next year when they can again, get away.

We finally get our tropical paradise back.

But, thats OK,

we’re living “down here”

and we’re the ones with;

the Palm Trees, year-round Golf,

and Tiki Bars with Cold draft Beer

Of course, we remember

all that freezing weather,

and we even enjoy watching it

on TV as we flash back

to our past,

Now, we Tweet and Instagram our family and  friends

with pictures

of Palm Trees and warm Beach Sands

while they shiver and shovel Snow with frozen hands.

But our Christmas is not Cold,

or covered with Ice or Snow.

But we heartily celebrate it,

for all of the good things it represents.

OK, I might be sitting outside,

with others of my kin,

Sipping cold drinks on beaches.

instead of Hot Toddies in heated Pubs.

We’ll be wearing shorts and t-shirts,

not jackets, heavy pants and hats.

We’ll be staring at Palm Trees,

with long leaves waving

in the warm tropical winds,

not Pine trees with their snow-laden limbs,

But, again, its still Christmas,

here in our tropical land,

and we wish you all,


by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Donbobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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