Blog Maintenance – I know it hurts but Bury those Dead Posts.

I know, your Blog count is really high and you actually smile a little when you see that counter go up every time you release a new Post.

But, you can be your own enemy when it comes to people following you.

Over time we write articles that are pertinent to those times and you get some readers who give you good comments as well as some new followers. But, when you look back many of these posts will have become dated.

I have this problem myself. I will often write one of my “Rants” on some political subject or some other item that I read about in the news.

They were pertinent then, but now, two years later, as I read over some of these, I have realized that they are so outdated.

And, even more upsetting, I realized that a new reader would only be irritated with having to sort through such dated articles in my collection as they looked for something else of mine they might like.

You see, as some of my writing sites recommend, your posts in your archive should be EVERGREEN. Evergreen is the popular tag put on articles (excuse me – posts) that are informative and/or entertaining for readers and will be a fresh read for months or even years to a follower.

An Evergreen post will be as interesting to your followers and new readers today as they were a year or more ago, when you wrote it.

So, I am in the process of rereading my older posts and making that hard decision as to whether they are Evergreen or just history.

As you know, my being a writer, all of my books, short stories, poetry and posts are like my children. They are creations of mine that I treasure.

But, looking closely at my own posts, I think I can get rid of some of them, such as; my rant abut Obama being reelected, my article about the local elections last year, my sarcastic poem about the emergence of the Tea Party, and I am afraid to say, at least a couple of dozen more.

So, I will begrudgingly delete the worst ones to that big “Trash” folder on the cloud. But, honestly, I am also considering taking the better ones, and placing them onto a special page of my site as an archive page, organized by date.

You? I recommend that you consider this as one criteria for managing your Blog and keeping your existing posts fresh and timeless.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, DonBobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved



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