Happy New Year to my Parasitic SPAMMERS! May your Life be as Successful as your crappy product sales!

The Culprit

Yeah, I wrote this to my SPAMMERS. I figured I may as well tell them Happy New Year!

As you, the rest of my fellow writers, know, this is about the Stupid Spammers that I see every day when I check my site who just won’t go away.

You see, someone, somewhere sold these idiots or gave them, my site address.

And, they for some reason have added my site to their mailing list of thousands (or more) people like myself. Then, they joyfully send their Spam to their mailing list, often multiple times a day.

Now, I’m only talking about the truly STUPID Spammers right now.

Not the malicious ones. The malicious ones with their Viruses and Malware?

Well, Between WordPress and my own “anti-everything bad” software, that scrutinizes everything coming into and leaving my PC, even these FOOLS don’t have a chance of causing me any problems. In fact the most they do is increment my “anti-everything bad” counter of caught and eliminated Spam.

Unless they send a totally new virus or whatever to me within a very few minutes of its creation, I happen to use one of the dozens of “anti-everything bad” packages that catches such new threats and update themselves within minutes. So, you bad guys can just “take your best shot” at my web world, if you want.

So, Heres to my other STUPID Spammers, who think that they are going to make their fortunes selling me their trashy products. 

You should understand that; when, even the “anti-everything bad” software laughs at your junk and just flips it into a Spam folder for me to review and delete at my leisure, you are not going to make your fortune doing this to people.

So, for your information;

No, I don’t need or want a knockoff of; a Louis Vuitton Pocketbook, Nike shoes, a Coach pocketbook, etcetera, etcetera etcetera.

NO, I will not but a T-Shirt from an unknown and thus not secure site,

And, No, I don’t need your pills; whether for virility, weight loss, weight gain, or other imagined illness’.

And, there is absolutely no chance in Hell that I will give you my credit card or other personal information, under any circumstances.

Oh, and I don’t buy from idiots that can’t spell or write a proper sentence that makes sense.

But, that’s OK. Just keep sending me your junky Crappy offers, and WordPress and I will keep flushing your tripe down the digital toilet.

So, let me explain to you what you have accomplished over the past year.

You sold me NOTHING.

You wasted maybe a minute or two of my day, doing a mass delete of your crap that WordPress had already checked and labeled as silly Spam.

You demonstrated to myself and the others you keep sending your trash to, that you are uneducated, cannot spell, cannot write a coherent sentence, and have no idea how to actually sell on the web.

In other words, you repeatedly confirm that YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

So, again, Happy New year to you and yours.

Oh, and on a more positive note,  let me suggest a few things that you can do in this new year;

1- Learn to write (a coherent sentence is always a good start),

2- Learn to spell (don’t use words that your beady brain cannot spell),

3- get a real product and learn how to sell on the web professionally, and

4- stop being such a fool hoping to make your fortune irritating the masses on the web.

by Don Bobbitt, 2015

copyright, DonBobbitt, 2015, All Rights Reserved



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