Its a NEW YEAR, I wonder if our NEW Politicians will do better?

Water Turtle

Water Turtle

It has been a disgusting past year from my perspective when I look at the Idiots in Congress.

One news show cited that Congress, the whole gaggle of strutting fools that they are have an approval rating with the American public of Less than 17%!

In my humble opinion, this group of contentious fools got into office through their own manipulations of the way they get their financial support.

No longer do politicians count on the support of their constituency, but rather, they get enormous sums of money from the now legalized political funds and the corporate donations of pretty much any extremist corporate leaders who want to buy influence.

Again, in my opinion, these power-mongers now tell our politicians what they can and cannot do. They run slick political marketing campaigns and get these lame power-hungry Congressmen-to-be into the appropriate positions.

Then, in return, they get th bills passed that they want passed, and the ones they don’t like, blocked.

In all honesty, this has been how things worked for the life of our great nation, but on a much, much smaller scale than it’s done now.

And, this is what had driven us, the public, their real constituency to the point we are at now.

You see I, like so many of my friends, just want this batch of idiots, who have harmed our economy and our nations image, so much, to be gone.

Damn what committee they are on, damn what projects they are pushing that might benefit our state, county or city. just damn them.

We have seen such a lack of concern for us the average American, for our livelihood, for our health, and our futures that we just want all of them gone.

We want a new slate of potential fools in Congress.

We figure, what the Hell, the present group running around the halls of Congress, has the lowest confidence rating in the history of our country, so a collection of potty-trained chimpanzees would probably do a better job for the America of tomorrow.

Yeah, Potty-trained will do it!

The existing ones have crapped on pretty much everything they touched!

‘Nuff Said,


Don Bobbitt- 2015

Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2015, All Rights Reserved


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