It’s Not Hard! Just Have a Good Day!


Thats one of the things I have to slow down and tell myself. Often!

Its so easy to get caught up in the vagaries of life that you lose your perspective. i tend to be like a bee at times.

I’ll have something go bad, often just a small thing, and my brain will hover over this thing like a bee does over a freshly opened flower.

And, my brain will spin up and build the (originally small) thing until it becomes a monster, consuming me from the inside.

My heart will race, my blood pressure will spiral up and I will turn myself into an Ogre with others.

In my head, its as if the world is ending unless I fix this problem.

But, with age comes wisdom, and I have learned that if I keep the original problem in perspective, and remain objective, it turns itself into just another little bump in the road of my life.

And, I can handle a bump just fine.

As I have evolved my perspective in life, I have been able to concentrate on such simple tasks as; Just Having a Good Day.

A Good Day is one where I can slow down and see things in my life for what they are, opportunities and not roadblocks.

A Good Day is one that allows me to smile …. a lot.

A Good Day is one where I can appreciate the beauty of the world around me.

A Good Day is one where I can enjoy all of the people around me, even the silly ones.

A Good Day is one where I can go to bed that night exhausted by the all of the Joy in my life.

And, guess what? I’m Having another Good Day, Today!

by Don Bobbitt,2015



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