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It’s Not Hard! Just Have a Good Day!


Thats one of the things I have to slow down and tell myself. Often!

Its so easy to get caught up in the vagaries of life that you lose your perspective. i tend to be like a bee at times.

I’ll have something go bad, often just a small thing, and my brain will hover over this thing like a bee does over a freshly opened flower.

And, my brain will spin up and build the (originally small) thing until it becomes a monster, consuming me from the inside.

My heart will race, my blood pressure will spiral up and I will turn myself into an Ogre with others.

In my head, its as if the world is ending unless I fix this problem.

But, with age comes wisdom, and I have learned that if I keep the original problem in perspective, and remain objective, it turns itself into just another little bump in the road of my life.

And, I can handle a bump just fine.

As I have evolved my perspective in life, I have been able to concentrate on such simple tasks as; Just Having a Good Day.

A Good Day is one where I can slow down and see things in my life for what they are, opportunities and not roadblocks.

A Good Day is one that allows me to smile …. a lot.

A Good Day is one where I can appreciate the beauty of the world around me.

A Good Day is one where I can enjoy all of the people around me, even the silly ones.

A Good Day is one where I can go to bed that night exhausted by the all of the Joy in my life.

And, guess what? I’m Having another Good Day, Today!

by Don Bobbitt,2015


By ramblingdon

As a Storyteller from the South, it was only natural that I turned to writing about the many fantastic things I have seen and experienced in my decades traveling in my RV. I love to write about what I see, with my favorite being; interesting and amazing places. Tiki Bars with character, Beautiful Sunsets as well as Interesting People and Great Conversations. I am a decent photographer, a terrible investor, and a good friend at those who get to know me.
I have written and published a number of books on Amazon!

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