Congressional Idiots, Minority Factions harming the Majority

I just have to write this.

Over the past few years, our Congressional representatives have slipped into their jobs, like rats slipping onto a ship. And once there, they “peel off their false robes” that showed them as patrons of the people, and shown their true colors.

Now, instead of just a two-party system with members in each party who range from liberal to conservative, we have hardcore radicals taking stands.

And, its OK to me for a person to take a stand based on their beliefs. Thats the American way, right?

But, now, our representatives are paid for by PAC groups and wealthy individuals with radical opinions of their own. These small but powerful people and groups can pay for and thus control the people we voted for.

In my opinion, this is what has our government constantly tripping over these immoveable and extreme individuals who feel it is OK to block our government from functioning.

These few individuals, and their wealthy backers are controlling our government and to constantly shut down its function agencies is at the least immoral.

I say immoral because it takes an immoral person to tell their constituency lies to get elected and then to sit on the laps of their wealthy patrons and be manipulated like the puppets they are.

Shame on these wealthy self-aggrandizing manipulators of our government, and their congressional lackeys.

What we need is to somehow get a few laws passed that limit the power of these foew and put it back into the hands of the many.

by Don Bobbitt, 2015

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2015, All Rights Reserved.

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