Living within my limitations – Doctors and Medicines!


Yeah, I’m a SENIOR!

So What!

My lifestyle may be somewhat limited relative to my youth, but it does allow me to tell many of the irritating people of the world to …..

Just leave me the Hell alone, and maybe I’ll show you the same respect.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m OK ….. really.And I’m actually having a good day. But, I thought a Bitching session was in order, so, here I go.

Earlier, I was just updating my LIST of medications on my Smartphone for reference on my trips to my numerous Doctors.

Here is one of my “irritating” problems that from my perspective need fixing.

My point is that I see so many Doctors and they have put me on so many prescription medications that I can hardly keep up with which damned pill causes which side effects.

That’s one of the problems, if you have decent insurance, I guess.

All of the Doctors, and testing facilities get a piece of the insurance pie.

For instance, I had a couple of nasty readings on one of my quarterly blood tests. So my GP sent me to a specialist, who ran some tests and then sent me to another specialist. And so on, and so on.

Anyway, after a year of this, I was seeing 1-GP, 1-Nephrologist (I do have a transplant), 1-Cardiologist (Blood Clot in my leg), 1-Endocrinologist (Blood Sugar too high), 1-Orthopedic Surgeon (torn rotator cup), 2-Dermatologists (one for some kind of skin allergy and one who lives on performing Cancer surgeries).

Top these Doctor visits off with the supporting collection of “one-shot” specialists (for example; X-Rays, Echograms, MRI’s (multiple different parts of my body), Blood Tests and such) and I found myself having to keep a calendar of just who the hell I was seeing and when I was to see them next.

Oh, I almost forgot, add the multiple trips to Walgreen’s to pick up my multiple prescriptions (13 at one point), just to fill out my week.

Actually, I feel pretty good, considering, but I have been thinking of blocking out, like one week every three weeks that I don’t go to a Doctor or their supporting testing business’. You know, actually have a little fun, occasionally?.

Don’t laugh! It could Work!

by Don Bobbitt, April,2015


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