Passing on the Left! A common courtesy that too many riders ignore.


Lately, my wife and I have been walking a number of Nature trails and other public trails to get our exercise.

We try to get in at least 5-miles a day and the great places for us to walk are the Nature or “Natural” trails that many cities are now providing for their citizen and visitors.

These trails are usually wide enough for walkers, joggers, and bike riders to all enjoy at the same time.

But, we are finding that too many of the bike riders are not aware of the common courtesies they should follow when they are sharing the trails with others.

First of all, walkers and joggers cannot see a bike rider as they approach and the bike rider should announce they are coming close.

Most times, as I walk, I will hear an approaching bike rider saying something like; “Passing on the Left!”

And that is great. It gives me a warning that I should take care. Then, as they pass me, I will not step out in front of them. A wonderful system, right?

Well, I find that there are too many bike riders who are “suited up” and “plugged in” (to their radios with earphones, usually) who are intent on reaching their mileage goals and “damn the walkers”.

I have watched too many potential crashes with other people to think this is not an accident, but rather a serious negligence of this common courtesy that MOST bike riders follow.

These few inconsiderate bikers need to be trained by their fellows to understand that their actions are reflecting on all bike riders.

How to do this, i don’t know, but then, I am just a walker; just one of those people in the way.

This seems to be something bike riders that care should be managing by training their fellows.

by Don Bobbitt, May, 2015




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