The Confederate Flag, Really? Is this “all You Got”?


I don’t know, maybe its just me, sitting here over my morning coffee and flipping through the top 5 network news channels over the past several days.

So, OK, I am White, and I do live in the South. If I had to label myself (And I hate labels.), I am a pretty middle-of-the-road conservative person.

And, what happened in that Charleston church was an atrocious act, performed by a very sick person.

Now, with that said, I want to get to my personal complaint, which is our news media.

My question is for them, and here goes.

What the Hell are you people doing? Is this all you have to provide to the American public? For a week now, the vicious attack and murders were central stage, for the first couple of days. And that, was indisputable newsworthy.

But, you and your enormous and lazy staff finally realized that people were tuning away from this story. In your typical panic for your share of the public eye, you had to find a new subject, and wht did you find? The Confederate flag.

And, that’s OK to me. Take the damned thing down. I don’t care. Its just  piece of cloth with a symbol on it, so if it is harmful to others, in any way, take it down!

But, Jeez! Now you’re all on your third day of “discovering” flags and even old concrete memorials, everywhere you can, that have the symbol of the Confederate flag on them.

And I say again, Really?

So, to you guys, these remaining antiquated symbols of a long past era of American conflict are as important to our country as the original, horrible and insane act of one individual?

Shame on you! Get your butts back to the real problem. And its not guns, and its not flags.

The original and present problem, is the fact that a person grew to be 22-years old and was still walking around, in public, quite insane. This person should have been flagged as a potential problem years ago, and given treatment when it could make a difference in his life.

He should have been recognized as having a problem, by someone, and they should have seen that he got the proper treatment for his mental problems.

He wasn’t raised in some remote mountain area, home-schooled, taught bad things and brain-washed into thinking he was the sane one, in the world, and everyone else needed his radical actions to “see the light”.

No, he was raised and taught in our nations public school system and was finally pushed out the door along with everyone else as being an educated citizen, ready for taking a job and becoming a valuable contributor to our nations economy and pool of public opinion.

The real news is, you network slaves of the almighty dollar, how did this happen? And, what can be done, to fix this, the real problem.

But, no, your reporters are driving around the south, looking for yet another Confederate flag in some small town and showing it on national TV and then searching for yet another “outraged citizen” so you can give them their 15-minutes of fame, saying what you have prompted them to say “Hell Yeah! Take it down!”.

Shame on you all.

Get off of your Asses, find some real news that I and my fellow Americans need to see, and if this situation of there being radically sick and dangerous people walking around, within the system, can be fixed; so that it never happens again, then get out there and find someone who has some real solutions.

But, I doubt that will happen. You see, I know you.

I know that you are not a news reporting service, as you present yourselves. Rather, you are just a group of cheap sensationalism chasers who worship the almighty dollar. And, your careers depend on the number of viewers you can drag into your web of droll video reporting.

So, the murderer of these innocent people are really just a rating tool to you, and your best way to focus on the problem is to chase down old Confederate flags. Focus, fools!



2 thoughts on “The Confederate Flag, Really? Is this “all You Got”?

    • Thanks, Bill! Someone, somewhere, needs to let the whole darn News and entertainment industry that the public is tired of sub-standard crap being presented to us. DON

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