Presidential Candidates, How many do we need?


OK, Before you read this any further, please accept my apology for my obvious stupidity.

I mean, I must be stupid, because at this point in our nation’s history (and my life) there are so many things going on in our political process that I just don’t understand, I get baffled easily.

So, here is my problem, today;

Why are there so many candidates running for president, and why are they out there wasting so much money over a year before the elections?

I had to laugh yesterday, as I watched one of the national so-called “news networks” put up a screen with all of the candidates, in both parties, who are running for president.

Now, I have a large screen TV and I can see some pretty good detail on it, which is the real reason I have this monster sitting in my house.

But, I have to wonder about why we were seeing this picture. You see, there were so many candidates running for president that I could barely recognize the faces on all of the icons. They had to be that small to fit.

I didn’t have time to count, but I am pretty sure there were enough of them to have a pick-up football game. Well, this is discounting whether they can move any other parts of their bodies other than their mouths.

OK, I’m sure there are hundreds of politicians who want to be President. I understand this, OK. The true reasons are simple; career goals, financial goals, desire for a weird kind of immortality, and too often narcissism. It is sad to say, the much touted “public servant” is a thing of the past. Now we get to elect servants of the PACs. But thats another story.

But, I want you to think about the fact that each of these people has ALREADY gathered enough money (millions?, tens of millions?, hundreds of millions?) and hundreds, even thousands, of backers ready to give more money and time, that they really, really do believe they can become President.

But, they have another problem, in my opinion.

You see, I actually watch this small army of candidates perform for the press, and I try to cull the real idiots out (at least in my mind), even at this early date.

But honestly, right now, I can walk outside and knock on doors, and randomly mention one of these candidate’s name. I will bet you that my neighbor will not have a clue who the person I select is, much less what their true political goals happen to be.

Oh sure, some of them have names with so much press history that even if they don’t really know the persons potential platform, they know the name.

So, I’ll keep watching and I’ll keep thinking about this army of narcissists, as they do battle in the coffee shops of small towns, far away from me.

And, eventually, “the publicity process” will sort out and eliminate most of them, regardless of whether they were better or worse than the others.

What the Heck! It’s better than watching the Summer Reruns!

by Don Bobbitt, July, 2015


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, July, 2015, All Rights Reserved

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