TRUMP? What an Ass! But, right now he’s my favorite Ass!


Yeah, I watched the great CNN managed (prejudiced?) Republican debate on TV.

And, honestly? I loved it.

You might wonder why I, an avowed Independent voter my whole life, would spend several hours of his time watching such a circus.

By independent, I mean, although I have voted religiously, in every election, I have never voted FOR anyone, sad to say.

Rather, I have always been forced to vote AGAINST the worst of the two candidates available to me.

Well, I watched this circus because, I got to see the Republican candidates dancing on their “PAC-puppet” strings, almost in fear it seemed at times, over what a big-mouth rich man might say about, or to, them.

I love it that the news journalists on all of the major networks, are stirring in their own indignant juices over this Donald Trump and his frank and sometimes troubling opinions.

And I love that they keep asking; Why do so many people like him?

Well “Dumb-Ass”, we, the citizens of America are fed up with the cookie-cutter candidates who are managed by the big PACs.

We are tired of the political “double-speak” their favorite politicians throw out with their non-answers to the questions we all want answered. And, by the way, we want frank and painful answers to our questions, not the double-talk we get now.

We like watching as Mr. Trump takes a stand, on anything and everything he is asked about.

Oh, and we’re not as stupid as you want us to be, we know that Trump often says some really stupid things and he says them bluntly and in a marvelous “kiss my Ass‘ if you don’t like what I say, way.

But, glory, glory, at least he says something, and when you look him in the eye, you can see that he means what he says, politically correct or not.

Does he really think that (and do we really believe), for example, he would traipse all illegal aliens out of the country, in mass, and then only bring back the “good ones”; of course not, but he just might be able to make them all get ID cards and then the “bad” ones would be traceable and manageable in some way.

And, honestly, we like him because we believe that, possibly, just possible, this businessman has the wherewithal to build teams that can come up with tasks that are truly achievable, and not pie-in-the-sky federal pork-barrel like we have seen so often.

And at the same time, I watched as the other “puppets of the 1% who back the PACs” were actually standing there, wondering about two things; how to keep the money coming in, and at the same time, actually say something productive and viable to the public, themselves. But, OH NO, don’t anything that might upset their campaign donors.

So, I love having Trump on TV, and at meetings, and on news shows. Is it because he’s a brilliant politician?

Hell, No! I like him because he says what he thinks, and lets the dice fall as they will with the opinions of the estranged journalists of the networks.

Trump is an arrogant Ass, as I said, and he has absolutely no skills in being “politically correct”. Yet, he is willing to speak, and speak frankly, about so many issues that I and so many of the average Americans I know, want to hear.

You see, we do want something done about the influx of illegal aliens who come to our country and quickly get; automatic medical treatment, food stamps, and other special treatments, while we, the tax-paying citizens have to pay more and more out of our pockets and in higher taxes to support these leeches, as they take their checks and then snub their noses at us, in so many ways.

We want something done to take more of the tax load off of our, the average Americans, backs and put a more fair share onto the backs of that spoiled and privileged 1%  who own their condos on the beach and drive the big luxury cars, all of which they can write off as tax exemptions.

We want less of our money going to nations that spit on us as they cash the checks we give them.

We want our hard-earned tax money to improve our American lives, and then, as a secondary goal, maybe we can give some to help others around the world, who actually appreciate us and what we do for them.

Let the haters stew in their own juices, I say. And if they don’t like us, they can Kiss my Ass, while they figure out how to rule their countries without our monies.

My hopes?

I hope Trump’s popularity forces the weaker of the candidates off of the stage quickly and then we can watch as a narrower field has to deal with real issues (for a change) and take real stands on how to fix our raped political election system.

I want these PACs made illegal and I want this nations political candidates to only get moneys contributed by American citizens, and not have any one person or corporate conglomerate make enormous contributions (in hopes of future political favors).

I want a Congress and a President who are elected by the people,  not by which one has the most money placed in their coffers by the “favor-mongers” of the corporations.

I want it to be illegal, once again, for any candidate or political supporter, to pay for advertisements that include lies. I want these people to be fined, large sums in fact, for ANY misleading and often untrue advertisements.

Who knows, maybe even the Democrats will be forced to take a closer look at who they need, as a viable candidate with viable goals, to fix our nations problems.

by Don Bobbitt, August, 2015


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, August 2015, All Rights Reserved

You are free to read and enjoy this article and share it with your friends, but if you want to use it commercially, then you must have the authors permission in writing.



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