How much Sugar and how many Calories are there in your favorite Wine?

Being someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, especially when served with a great meal, I often find myself involved in conversations about wines.

Probably the facts that I hear quoted, and argued about, most often are how many Calories are being consumed in a good glass of wine.

I do know some basic facts on wines and calories, but I also know that the right answer to this question is based on the Residual Sugar Content and thus the category of the wine being discussed.

So, simply put, the first thing you have to know as a wine drinker is  the sweetness category of your wine.

For your information, a 5-ounce glass of your favorite wine (and its resultant Calorie content) can be separated into several categories, with the most commonly used being;

EXTRA DRY – less than 1 Calorie per glass.

DRY – up to 6 Calories per glass

OFF DRY (Medium) – from 6 to 21 Calories per glass

SWEET – 21 to 72 Calories per glass

VERY SWEET – 72 to 130 Calories per glass

These calories are the result of the Residual Sugar that is in a glass of wine after it is made.

This and even more  great information, on your favorite wine, can be found in the article written by a fellow HubPage writer, janderson99, by clicking on the link below;

How many Calories are in a glass of Wine

by Don Bobbitt, August, 2015



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