I Wanna Run Away!


That’s Right!

I’m sitting here in Florida and really that’s where everyone wants to be. Right?

But me? I’m a man with the Wanderlust!

I need to see new places and meet new people.

I need to wake up at night and wonder what that strange sound was.

I need to see a sunset over a different horizon.

I need to look out the window and ask myself; Who the Hell are those people?

I need to know that my mail is piling up for the next month at the Post Office, and I don’t have to read it.

I need to know that I can get somewhere new, and soon.

Luckily, I have an RV.

It’s probably time to pack it up for a little jaunt!

Yeah! It’s probably time.

by Don Bobbitt, September, 2015


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, September, 2015, All Rights Reserved



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