I now have an important Skill everyone should Learn in today’s world.


Well, I’ve finally done it.

It took a long time to perfect it.

And, I had to suffer through a lot of “noise” as I trained myself in this new skill.

You see, I can now turn my TV ON in the morning and place it on one of the, what they call, News Channels. It really doesn’t matter which one,.

They all call themselves “fair and honest” reporters of the facts, when in fact I and everyone I know, who owns a TV, is aware that some are Right Wing and others are Left Wing, and a few just flat out twist the truth until it is unrecognizable for their own personal popularity polls.

Anyway, I recently realized that regardless of the channel, or the reporter, there is only so much “real News” to report on, in the world.

Because of this, these 24-hour news channels end up covering the same story. And, OK, a flood or a bombed hospital, or another person shot by the police, somewhere, is news.

It used to be a few minutes of news. Now? It’s what dozens of people on each these news channels talk about, often for days. But, I noticed a peculiar thing that is disturbing to me.

If there is nothing else to talk about, these media giants will beat a subject into the ground with their coverage for days. But, if someone else drops a bomb, or is flooded, or whatever. then suddenly that subject is dead and everyone goes over and jumps on this new “catastrophe” and start their process of beating it to death.

So, I have developed a NEW SKILL.

I am so proud of myself! It did take while to develop this skill, so I should be proud.

You see, I can leave the TV on one of these giant network channels all day. I can work on other things, I can write, I can read my email, I can call others and talk, I can do just about anything I would do years ago before there were such things as 24-hour news networks.

But, now I’m different. I have managed to train my brain to treat what these idiots are spouting as noise. My brain just lets whatever they are saying as some perverted form of bird tweets, or wind blowing through trees or whatever random noise you may have gotten used to hearing, and not pay any attention to it at all.

But, if by chance something important or different occurs, somewhere in the back of my brain, a sensor flips a switch and actually takes notice.

Whatever I am doing when this happens, I stop immediately. My brain has alerted me to the existence of something different going on. It’s kind of like when you are walking through the forest, and something tells you that there might be danger if you take that path to the left versus the one to the right.

When this happens, I automatically focus on the TV to see what has happened that turned on my Brains alarm.

I’t has to be interesting to someone that runs these multibillion dollar networks that I and I’m sure others like me can do this. You see, along with their tired and repeated coverage of often mundane subjects I am also capable of ignoring their commercials.

To me this is a good thing. I wonder what they will try to do to fix this little problems of theirs?

So, LOL ….. LMAO …… hahaha!


by Don Bobbitt, October 2015

Copyright, Do Bobbitt, October, 2015. All Right Reserved. You are free to read and enjoy this article and share it with others, but if you wish to use it commercially, then you must have the author’s permission, in writing.



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