Chicken Poop is still just Chicken Poop! No matter how you dress it up!


I remember, decades ago, when they carted this old guy out on national news for his unique hobby.

He was obviously a simple farmer who was very uncomfortable with all of the attention he was getting.

What this man had done was simple and elegant.

He had a problem; He had worn his body out working on his farm his whole life and now he needed more money so he and his wife could have a better lifestyle.

He looked around, and all he had as resources was his farm itself and whatever was on this piece of land.

Well, he had stopped farming several years before, but like many people back then, he still raised Chickens for the meat and the eggs.

He explained that he was sitting on his porch and as he watched his chickens walking around in his back yard, he noticed the Chicken Poop lying around everywhere.

And he wondered to himself, if all I have to work with is Chicken Poop, what can I do to make some money from this renewable resource.

Looking more closely at what was lying around on the ground, he noticed that Chicken Poop had a combination of Black and White areas once it had dried out.

In fact, as he continued to look round his backyard with all of it’s free Chicken Poop donations, he thought that they looked kind of pretty.

One fact that we should all understand is that a farmer is well acquainted with manure of all kinds. They know how to handle it and change it and spread it on their land for better crops.

So, this farmer started experimenting with his Chicken Poop.

Here is why he was so famous and actually ended up making a lot of money over the next year or so.

You see, he figured out how to dry Chicken Poop out, and then cast it in a clear epoxy capsule. Once he had a stable product (no pun intended), he made these beautiful examples of Chicken Poop into earrings.

That’s right, he mad Chicken Poop earrings.

And the ladies loved them, for a while.

Eventually the popularity of Chicken Poop earrings waned but by then the old farmer had made enough money so that he and his wife could live out their retirement in relative comfort.

What’s the moral of this story?

Well, no matter what you do to Chicken Poop, it’s still Chicken Poop!

But, if someone dresses it up well enough, people will buy any kind of Poop you hand them, for a while.

Take out presidential candidates, for instance!

But, eventually even the dumbest voters will catch on that what they were told was just a load of Poop!

by Don Bobbitt, October, 2015

Bamboo_01Copyright Don Bobbitt, October 2015, All Rights Reserved

You are free to enjoy this article, and share it with friends, but if you wish to use it commercially, then you must have the permission of the author, in writing.



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