Muslims of the World! Heal Thyself! While you can!


OK, don’t read this if you are looking for some kind of theological fist-fight.

I’m just another person living his life the best he can, on this planet of ours.

I am no expert on the Muslim religion or its sects, nor do I want to be.

But I do consider myself to be semi-intelligent and some things are obvious to me. This growing radicalism of people who call themselves Muslims or Islamists, and are using an ancient set of this religions laws to justify their atrocities, has reached the point that the rest of an intelligent world must respond.

And, honestly, for the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims around the world, who have sit back and watched as these radicals factions of their religion terrorize the world,  this is not a good thing.

Throughout history, governments and armies have proven themselves to be horrible at managing uprisings of any kind, whether political or religious.

Too many good people end up paying the price for a few who have used their religions beliefs as an excuse for their abuses of their fellow man.

The world is a strange place filled with strange people. I understand that.

And, again, I hesitate to tell anyone what religion they should believe in. That’s a voyage everyone must make on their own.

But, I do feel that it’s time for the Muslim peoples of the world to stand up and be counted as an intelligent and peace loving part of the human race.

They, not we Christians, and the followers of other religions, must manage these radical minority.

They, must turn around, open their eyes, and separate themselves from those who feel that the public atrocities, human tortures and even mass a d random death are tools they should use to get what they feel they deserve from the rest of the world.

The majority of Muslims, must stand up and point to the radicals and say; No More!

They must force these few sick people from their places of worship and into the light of day, to be seen for what they are; Soulless Killers, Rapists, and Demons in their own right.

I say this as a simple man, a simple man who has seen enough of this radicalism of a religion.

I say, that you must cleanse these throw-backs from your ranks and stand up as members of the world community, a community of people who live, love and worship our God, as we were meant to.

There, I said it!

Heal Yourselves, and do it soon, because when the giant machines of governments and their armies start working on this problem, it will hurt a lot of innocents.

by Don Bobbitt, November, 2015


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, November, 2015, All Rights Reserved.



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