Syrian Refugees, Yes or No? That’s a tough one.


I see that a battle is brewing over whether we Americans should take in Syrian refugees.

That’s a tough on for anyone to answer.

I have no control over the final decision. I understand that. I’m just another abused and ignored citizen.

You see it’s a Federal decision, and it seems the idiots we have elected to Federal office could care less about what a single citizen has to say on this or pretty much any subject.

We elect them to represent US, the people. And, they immediately throw us the Bird, as they go and do what they damned-well please.

But, thats another subject.

Here’s my opinion on any immigrants or potential immigrants into our country:

Should we be bringing in several thousands of the homeless Syrian Refugees?

Well, I don’t say NO, but I do say, HELL NO, Not Yet!

That’s a Hell No until I, and the American public can see a comprehensive PLAN that assures us, the citizens of America, that we are admitting people who WANT to be AMERICANS, not people who want to KILL Americans.

Is there a test for this? I don’t know.

Will they have to wait, somewhere, until we figure the proper way to sort out the terrorists and deviants from the others who will make good citizens?

Again, I don’t know, but I do know that the fools in Washington are spending a lot of money on other, much less important, pet projects already in place.

Move the “Stupid Money” money over to this problem, assign someone with some level of COMMON SENSE, and get the job done! And come up with an answer to this question regardless of whether it’s YES, NO, or CONDITIONALLY.

That’s not to hard is it?

by Don Bobbitt, November 2015

Bamboo_01Copyright Don Bobbitt, November, 2015, All Rights Reserved

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