I live in Florida, so where did the Sun go?


I have to say it!

I live in Florida, dammit!  And when I’m not bathed in sunshine every day, I start to worry.

It’s why we all live here, on this long finger of land, really. Oh, you can come up with any of a long list of the advantages of living in Florida, but in reality, we’re here for the Sunshine.

We worked for decades, in cold weather, in office buildings, in factories, always IN somewhere, saving our money for the chance to get the Heck away from the crappy weather further North.

OK, OK, there are a certain number of you that act like you enjoy sliding, out of control, down a snow and ice covered mountainside.

And, I know,there are even some who enjoy other Winter sports.

But many of them, as their bones age and their medications make them feel the cold even more than they did in their youth, start to look longing to the South and the numerous days of Sunshine you get living so near the equator.

Me? I spent two weeks in Virginia, visiting family and friends over the Holidays and we had a good time, if you ignore the weather up there (sic.).

But, here I am in my home in Florida and we are in our third day of cloudy weather sprinkled with showers. And it’s cold! Our daytime highs have been down in the 60’s and low 70’s. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

That’s right, Brrrrrrr!

You see, it only takes a few months until we all become acclimated to “our Florida weather”. We wear shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts. Why? because it’s HOT down here, and our winters do not normally get Cold.

Our weather consists of different levels of Hot! Along with numerous hours of SUNNY!. Oh, sure, we get rain, but it is a respectable rain.

By that I mean, in the afternoon hours, clouds pass over and dump nice warm showers on us. We sit in our Tiki Bars or on our porches for maybe an hour, and then we walk out and enjoy the sunshine as it warms our bodies.

But, really, three days of no sunshine makes me want to drag out my Farmer’s Almanac and check if there is some projected catastrophe predicted.

So, this is my protest.

Where is my Florida Sunshine?

I demand my heat and comfort.

‘Nuff Said!

by Don Bobbitt, January, 2016


Copyright Don Bobbitt, January 2016, All Rights Reserved

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2 thoughts on “I live in Florida, so where did the Sun go?

    • Love Cape Coral! We go there in our RV occasionally and its a great area to just lay back enjoy the many activities and attractions, in the Summer especially.

      Have fun! We enjoyed going to the many islands and taking in the natural beauty.


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