Just Say Whoops, or Oh, I’m Sorry! But don’t act proud when caught lying.


That’s one of my big problems with Mr. Cruz, in these ongoing state political primaries.

His arrogant disregard for the truth is outrageous.

OK, stop right there, I know ….. All politician tell lies.

In fact they are politicians because they have this skill of using a ten-cent fact and blowing it up into a ten dollar lie.

But this ego-maniac, Ted Cruz, when caught in one lie after another, by all of his opponents, simply smiles and grabs a nursery rhyme to throw back at his accusers and just keeps on lying to the American public.

You see, by now, everyone is beginning to see the real person inside the made-up politician persona. And, we, the public are seeing that Ted Cruz is not only ambivalent about being caught lying over and over, he acts like he is actually proud of his lies.

I can almost hear him telling his staff;

You go ahead and throw every lie you can at my opponents, because the people are so stupid some of them will believe my lies and vote for me. Screw the rest of them anyway! I’m here with my own agenda, and to Hell with the people. I just need to get into office and after that they can all Go To Hell!

The scary thing to me, is that when you have a politician who has absolutely no qualms about perpetually lying to the people of a country, I start see images of another politician from not too long ago, who “really didn’t care” what the public thought and used his twisted speaking and negotiating skills and entranced them with his lies, while he stole their rights from them.

The World sat back an assumed that this strange person just had to be sane and not as crazy as he seemed and watched in horror as he led the world to a war of unmatched death and destruction. His name was Hitler.

Anybody remember that insane World leader and his campaigns of lies within his country and after he became their leader, the series of lies he spread to the world.

It took a lot to get rid of that liar.

What do we, the voting public, do about this new crazy and twisted liar?

by Don Bobbitt, February, 2016


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2016, All Rights Reserved. You are free to enjoy and share this article with friends, but if you wish to use it commercially, then you must have the authors permission, in writing.



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