SEAGULLS – Rats of the Sea! – Observations from a Tiki BAR


If you live on or near enough to the oceans of the world, it doesn’t take long to develop a loathing for Seagulls as a species.

If you regularly; lie or walk on the beaches of the world, or just sit at a TIKI Bar attempting to relax and have a good time with friends, you will soon see why so many of us just don’t like these pests.

Oh, I know, some conservationist is going to jump on me and retort about how they serve some useful purpose in the great and complex ecological plan of Mother Earth.

But, over the years here is what I have observed about the Seagulls along our Beaches;
– Seagulls are scavengers. They spend their lives trying to steal the foods of others.
– they hang out over restaurants like their cousins the Buzzards.

In fact, anywhere there is food served near the Ocean, they will be there, proverbial fork in hand, trying for a free meal, your meal.

And, just like that bothersome set of In-laws that everyone seems to have, they can sneak up on any food that they see and scoff it up almost instantaneously.

I have seen these winged miscreants drop down like an acrobatic parachutist onto my table, snatch up whatever they see and fly away with their prize with one of their horrendous screams of triumph.

Other than their skills as clean-up artists, I see no other contribution that they make to the ecology other than the occasional splash of Seagull Poop on my windshield ….. or umbrella ….. or Beach Chair …… or Table!

Seagulls are the Rats of the Sea!   With Wings!

Nuff Said!

Don Bobbitt, May 3,2012

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