Presidential Primary Process, entertainment for the masses?

I don’t know if this is going to be one of my rants or not, so here goes.

You all know that we are a number of months into the craziest and strangest presidential primary process ever seen in the history of American Politics.

If you don’t know what’s going on right now then you truly qualify as being “OFF THE GRID”.In fact you have to be so far off the Grid that I wonder why I’m thinking about you at all. You obviously do not receive any communications, at all from the rest of the country.

Anyway, here the rest of us are, the informed part of the nation, flipping through hundreds of channels of low-grade entertainment only to find that someone decided the Presidential Primaries are a great way to fill the empty air time.

I guess it was inevitable, really. Every year the networks try to drop the quality standards of their entertainment offerings with their single most important goal being to spend as little money as possible on expenses.

Come on, you know this is true.

Where we once had less networks but more high quality quality movies, TV series and even educational shows on our TV’s, we now have hundreds of networks who want to give us more and more of those boring “reality shows”. Reality shows are pretty much the cheapest way to fill air time on TV networks.

Think about it. For example; one network does a 10-show series on a guy hiking and camping in the Cascades. So, the next network had a couple do the same thing, naked.

Boy, you gotta love this level of artistic creativity.

Obviously these fools had an epiphany when they took a close look at the costs of providing informative news to the public.

Someone figured; hey, we can place one of our so-called journalists in a chair with a camera aimed at them.

Then we can sit 2, 3 maybe even 4 “experts” in chairs, and zoom the cameras in on these “talking heads” (their name for themselves, not mine). Then we can have them discuss some local catastrophe like a fire in a warehouse in some town, somewhere. And we can fill up hours of air time on such things.

And in between these not-so-newsworthy small town incidents, they can set up similar “experts” (I still like talking heads!) who berate one or another of the political candidates as they traipse around the nation seeking larger and large dedicated delegates.

It’s truly amazing how much time they can have so many people comment on one sentence, one simple sentence that slipped from the lips of one of the candidates, regardless of the party they represent.

The idea of having the candidates speak on; real policies and real issues has been pushed to the wayside and is now replaced by some silly comment that can be blown up into a level of importance that we, the voters could care less about.

We, the people, want lower taxes, we want to walk on safer streets, we want cheaper prices on food staples and for heating our homes, etcetera.

But, these multi-millionaire so-called journalists want to talk about some mundane personal comment.

And the politicians that are sitting on their fat Asses in Washington?

Well, they are laughing their butts off as the media does its job of redirecting our ire to the silly things.

They get to make more money soliciting funds from the big PAC’s for their own next election so they can have their rich one percenters  reserve even more money and questionable perks into their personal coffers.

Bill and Hillary clinton, for example, left office essentially broke. Now they often get in excess of $250,000 for a one hour speech.

And obviously, their present multi-millionaire status is a testament to who really controls out politicians.

So yes, please keep entertaining us with your drivel, as the political conventions get closer. But, watch out, we will vote for someone, anyone who will turn the existing corrupt system around and we, the people will get our day!

by Don Bobbitt, 2016

Copyright, don Bobbitt, 2016, All Rights Reserved.


You are free to enjoy this article and share it with your friends, but if you wish to use it commercially, then you must have the authors permission, in writing.



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