Twenty Years ago Today, and I Woke up again!

Twenty Years ago today, my brother gave up a Kidney to save my life.

That’s right, twenty years. His gift has kept me alive and functioning for this extra time so that I could; keep watching new Sunrises, travel around the world and see new sights, and live these extra days with my wife and family.

You see, twenty-three years ago, I was been lying in a hospital bed and was told I had an almost incurable disease and the probability was that I only had days to live.

That in itself, is an experience that changes a man. But, for some reason, a power higher than I decided that there were things  I had to do and at the appropriate time,  three years later, He, along with my brother, gave me this extra time.

Once I had my new Kidney; I did a lot of thinking and I realized what so few of us ever learn; our time on this planet is short and each day is precious.

You might say, what’s so different about me, now.

I have to say; not so much, really. But I can say that now, I speak and act from my heart.

And whatever I am still here to accomplish, will happen because of this, heartfelt words and actions.

Looking back, I see that I have outlived a number of my old friends, and honestly old enemies, and I truly miss them all. There’s no Saint here, just a man who manages his health and tries, each day to be a good person. Admittedly a person with a temper and an attitude, but still a good person,the best I can.

You know, we all have different responses to other peoples automatic comments such as the popular; How are you doing? We all say it so often that we’re not even expecting a response.

I wondered on this social question a lot when I was at my sickest. I wondered on whether I should complain about the constant pain, nausea, and weakness of my body after my illness that almost took my life.

I finally found a response that didn’t upset anyone and actually brings smiles to the faces of many of the people I see in my daily life. My response is a reflection of my new life.

I respond with the simple statement; I woke up again this morning!

Some people, buried in their personal rat-race, flash a confused look at me, and go on down their own road.

But most people? Well, they smile along with me and we go on living our gift of another day of life,acting the best we can from what our Heart tells us to do.

So, here’s to my brother, Darrell Bobbitt, a strong man with a giving heart. A man willing to give up just a little piece of himself, so that someone else could have so much.

Thanks Bro!

by Don Bobbitt, June 10, 2016



2 thoughts on “Twenty Years ago Today, and I Woke up again!

  1. Beautiful!!! What a thoughtful and loving way to show your gratitude and love to your dear brother, Darrell. How lucky you were, Don, to have had such a brave brother. My love to both of you good men!

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