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Again, Muslims, Heal Thyself!

After the latest senseless killings in our country by a self-avowed follower of ISIS, I spent a few hours over my Coffee, earnestly trying to think of how this kind of “Islamist Radicalism”  can be eliminated or at least reduced.

Oh, I know, there are a lot of people around the world, much smarter than myself, who are also spending sleepless nights on this same problem. But, the personal concern doesn’t go away just because this is a recognized problem for the world.

This phenomenon of a religion that can be distorted, by SOME of it’s teachers and now by digital media, isn’t necessarily a new thing in the history of mankind.

But it is definitely one that has grown to the point that it  must be addressed, in some way, by the rest of the civilized world. We all know this, including the truly peace-loving Muslims of the world

Finally, I put my Coffee cup away and, just to clear my head, I wrote this commentary where I have clarified what I think the real problem must be, and I am sharing this with the world, in the hope that this potential solution will be taken to heart by others.

You see, I Believe;


WE, the rest of the world, cannot make THEM ostracize, criticize, turn in, or stop, their decadent and mentally deviant friends and relatives from continuing their acts of HATE.

WE, cannot make them accept and live in a forgiving and loving world instead of existing in a self-made and lonely World of HATE.

THEY, cannot live and grow with the rest of mankind, as WE all try to build a peaceful place for ALL of our Children to grow and prosper in.

No. WE cannot and WE will never be able to do this one seemingly simple thing, change/control/stop the BAD, so-called, Islamist Radicals set loose on OUR World.


THEY MUST take the reins on their teachers, and radicals, and HEAL THEMSELVES as a FAITH, FROM WITHIN.

Until this happens, THEY will remain a THEY instead of being a part of US!

by Don Bobbitt, June 2016


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, June 2016, All Rights Reserved

The reader is free to read and share this article, but it cannot be used commercially without the author’s permission.


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