News Media and the standard BS

I was just wondering.

You see, today I was watching a news network on my TV, you know which one.

It’s the one with over 75% (which seems like 90% after all these months) of their 24-hour coverage being about the Republican candidate for president and what he slips up and said to people 10, 20 and more years ago.

In most states, some of these things they beat to death are older than the statutes of limitations on such crimes as Murder, Rape, Assault, and other true criminal abuses.

But thes disconnected fools go on and on, filling their air time with digital nothings that in a few week will not even rate being stored for posterity.

So, today I made a point of switching back to this network at least hourly all day long and into the evening.

Guess what?

Each time I went back to the network, the subject was the same, only the news commentator’s faces changed throughout the day.

In fact, I bet that if someone recorded this network hourly, in 5-minute sections, and then deleted the words that were used in more than 50% of the recordings, these 5-minute recordings would end up with less than a minute of real and newsworthy substance.

I had hopes of seeing the occasional analysis of such truly important things as;

  1. Global Warming,
  2. candidates positions of Health Care,
  3. Candidates positions on Federal Taxes,
  4. how are we really going to humanely manage the influx of illegal aliens into our country,
  5. the influx of Heroin and other dangerous drugs into the country,
  6. the trafficking of illegal guns into minority neighborhoods,
  7. the sorry state of our national highway infrastructure,
  8. the national plan to support growth in wind-power,
  9. solar-power and increasing the efficiency of existing power systems,
  10. and MUCH MORE!

But, no!

We need the millionaire “News Faces” to beat the same Dead Horses to death for WEEKS!

Anyway, I wonder if we walked into their newsrooms, would it smell like this picture?

Oh, I figure those flies feeding on the Poop are the latest cadre of Political Experts we see being marched out to indignantly talk about these ridiculously unimportant subjects to us, the regular, God Fearing, working class people of American!


by Don Bobbitt, October, 18, 2016


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, October, 2016, All Rights reserved

You are free to use and share this article with your friends, but if you wish ti use it commercially, then you must have the authors permission, in writing.



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