Christmas Thoughts of a Family Elder

Here it is, Christmas Eve, and I just wanted to say something POSITIVE to my family, friends and even those of you who don’t know me.

First of all, I will now be calling myself a family elder. I like the title, it has a nice ring to it, so I have adopted it. You might ask; just how does one become a family elder in this fast-paced world we live in today?

Well, there’s no secret to it, you just outlive your own elders, as well as the majority of your older cousins until one day you realize that you are the oldest one of your family’s survivors. So you see, you don’t work for this title, you just keep waking up every morning while so many others of your family succumb to age, disease and other fatal forms of life-ending habits.

Anyway, as a self-anointed elder of my branch of the Bobbitt clan, I just want to share a few words with those of you who might care at all what I have to say. Sure, I have a few distant cousins that are older than me and I have a few older cousins on my mother’s side of the family (the Fosters), but I am clearly calling myself  a family Elder , not the family Elder.

First of all; let’s get the obvious statement of the season said; MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

That’s right, I said Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays or even Merry Xmas.

I decided long ago to stop trying to be PC (that’s Politically Correct for those of you who don’t get out very often) and freely state my mind on whatever subject I wish to speak about, and to just ignore any nay-sayers who might take umbrage at my comments.

I mean, no offense to my friends (and even strangers I have yet to meet) who might be Jewish, Muslim, Atheist or whatever it is you call your personal faith, but I AM a CHRISTIAN.

But you see, I was raised a Christian, I grew up being taught the Christian faith. and I DO NOT need to apologize for it. It’s a faith that I was raised practicing, in my own way, and it keeps my Soul happy.

With that said, I can tell you what I feel needs to be said to more people, more often. You see, I’m sorry folks, but as much as it might disturb you, until you prove me wrong I will assume the best of you and say that I love for all of you, as being one of my fellow human beings sharing this planet.

So again, as a 70-year-old male Christian, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope every one of you will take the time to enjoy the thoughts of Hope, Happiness, and Sharing that are so prevalent in our world during this time of the year, regardless of all the disturbing things you see in the news every day.

After living for almost three quarters of a century, and as a self-anointed Elder, I can say that I have a special faith in the inherent goodness of my fellow man, and I believe that we should just take these few days of one faith’s celebrations as a time for everyone to enjoy what and who we have around us.

It’s that simple really! Let’s just enjoy each other and have a Merry Christmas!

by Don Bobbitt, December, 24, 2016





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