Another New Year? Hell, I wasn’t through with the last one, yet!

Here we go again!

Another year has started on the clock of life, and I’m still working on things I had to do last year.

I mean, really! I looked back at my last January first’s resolutions, and it’s kind of embarrassing, how little I got done.

My intentions were lofty and my soul was pure, when I sat down back then and wrote down what I honestly thought I should get done in my life over those 365 days.

Here’s my Top-4 things I wanted to do last year

1- Be nicer to people, in general

2- Communicate better with my family.

3- exercise more

5- Lose Weight

Now, as I look at my list, I think these five goals were really nice ones for almost anyone to strive for.

But, as continue to stare at the words on the paper, and think back over the year, I realize the realities are not up to the standards I had set.

Number 1– Be nicer to people? I have to give this one a big X for failure. I’m the same crude arrogant prick I have always been.

Number 2– Communicate better with my family. This one gets an X also. What remains of my family live live 4 states away and if they want to let me know something, they TEXT my wife and she tells me. I understand this is common for seniors like myself, but honestly I didn’t make a lot of effort to communicate any more than I usually did either.

Number 3– exercise more. OK, I have been exercising more. I get a big check mark on this one. I am now walking 4-5 miles a day three of four times a week. Well, maybe my wife should get the check mark because she is the one who has dragged my old body off of the sofa, outside our house and forced me to walk with her.

Number 4- Lose weight. I am proud of this one. I have lost some significant weight and I am now  holding at 185 pounds. So another big check mark for me, right?

Well, if I’m totally honest, my wife gets part credit for this one, too. She’s the cook in the house, and along with the forced exercise regimen, her food has been nutritious and healthy. On the down side, she has limited my access to such wonderful things as; snacks, fast food, Hot Dogs, Pizza French Fries, bread of any kind, potatoes in any form, as well as any of the other fantastic, salty, fatty, cholesterol filled, high sugar content and other tasty things I used to eat.

So, in summary, I look at my last years resolutions, weighing my achievements and failures and I say I’m batting 500. That’s not too bad in my book.

Of course, to be honest, I did have my own personal trainer, so to speak! LOL!

by Don Bobbitt, January, 2017


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, January, 2016, All Rights Reserved.


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