Yes, I am an ASSHOLE! But, I’m not a perfect one.

I just have to write a little something about this.

If my article title offends anyone, I apologize ahead of time, before I go on.

Being a realist, as I look back on my past career in a high-tech industry where I had to dine on stress and pressure and wash it down with the ever present peer competition, for years, I developed a way to succeed in this world.

Needless to say, I developed a hard shell that shielded me from the weakness’ of a being bad manager and as a result, I built a perceived persona that was far from being “the real me”. But, that was the price I paid, back then, and I was considered by many around me to be the proverbial Asshole of a manager.

My mantra was simple and straight-forward; If you do your job you will be rewarded, if you don’t do your job, I will get rid of you.

I actually started out my career as an innocent in the business world. I thought I would just naturally progress and become a big-time manager. I had completed my term of service in the Navy, and I felt this way because I had skills.

And being such an innocent in this strange place called the business world, I just that knew my knowledge, skills, and capabilities would be quickly recognized and even applauded as I was moved up the corporate ladder to my rightful position of power and rewards.

I won’t go into the details of my learning curve about the realities of trying to build a career in such an environment. But, I did learn to survive, often the hard way, and I learned that I was just one of many who had the same dreams and aspirations.

I was good enough that actually survived and even excelled at my job within this international corporation, as it changed names from GE to Ericsson to Sony-Ericsson, for 40 years. This accomplishment alone; working so long at one company, is a rare thing in the business world today.

But that’s OK, I was there, I did my job in a continued exemplary fashion for those decades, and if I had to walk away with the title of being an Asshole, that was a small price to pay.

SO, now to my point!

I, like so many of us who care about their health need to have performed on them every 5 years or so,  had a colonoscopy yesterday.

That’s right a colonoscopy, wher they stick a camera up your butt and examine the darker regions of your anus. And after I woke up, the Doctor told me everything was fine up there, in those dark recesses and curves of my colon.

Joking with him, before the examination was performed, I told him to take a few pictures while he roamed around up there with his camera, especially if he found anything interesting lying around.

So, while he talked, he smiled and handed me four color pictures of areas of my colon. As I examined the pictures myself, he told me I did have one small polyp, but he had removed it for testing but it seemed perfectly normal to him, so I should not worry.

I told him that his news was wonderful and I could wait to tell everyone that;


and I have pictures to prove it.

by Don Bobbitt, February 1, 2017


Copyright Don Bobbitt, February, 2017, All Rights Reserved



1 thought on “Yes, I am an ASSHOLE! But, I’m not a perfect one.

  1. I guess you SCOPED it out and everything is OK  Good News Down SCOPE Captian Carry On You can KEEP the photos 


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