Political Rant – Pre-Existing Conditions not covered?

Every now and then I have to go into one of my Rants about the callous stupidity of our nations politicians.

This is one of those rants about these heartless and cruel politicians and their attempt at splitting people with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions away from the rest of the population, essentially condemning them to eventual poverty and becoming second class citizens, with health problems that will often lead to the depletion of any saving they have or worse, their deaths.

So, let’s talk about this stupid Republican insurance plan.

First, the purpose of group insurance plans is to have many customers and at any one period of time, a few are sick and most are healthy.

This allows the overall insurance costs to average out to an acceptable charge for everyone. This has worked for decades.

Now the REP. Pinheads want to put the healthy in one insurance group and the old and ones with pre-existing conditions into another group.

This means the healthy have very LOW insurance charges and the rest have very HIGH insurance costs.

So, this is essentially a way to filter the lame out of our population early so that only the healthy people will remain as contributors to our society?

Sounds like some kind of science fiction movie doesn’t it?

Everyone should dig out the old movie Solient Green made in the seventies. This is scary stuff that these REP idiots are proposing. Get involved now, people!

Are you young and Healthy, right now? Well, at your age, I was also. But time will attack your body, if you live long enough and you too will probably be in a position that you cannot afford to keep yourself healthy, or maybe even alive.

Are you getting older and are you concerned about becoming one of the great UN-HEALTHY group of citizens that this new law discriminates against?

Then contact your representatives in Washington RIGHT NOW! and stop this heartless and cruel attempt to push the sick of America into their coffins early.

by Don Bobbitt, May 4, 2017

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, May. 2017, All Rights Reserved


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