To my fellow Veterans!

Memorial Day does strange things to my emotions.

I spend most of the day on an emotional roller-coaster. I feel sad one moment and just a minute later I am one proud SOB.

It’s the memories, you see!

It’s the thoughts of my comrades; those whom I personally served with, so long ago. They just pop into my head. And mixed in are thoughts of those I never met who served long before and after I got out of the service. They all swim in my mind on this day.

And from what my fellow veterans tell me, they go through the same thing.

Those sad and happy thoughts about those of us who served our country, all mixed up together and jerking our minds into areas of our memories we usually try to keep away from our daily life.

But, on this day, the memories burst out and make me think.

Anyway, enough complaining. I’m just an old man now. traveling and writing, and occasionally getting through my bad days putting my thoughts into stories and sharing them with the world here, on my blog.

So, fare thee well, my comrades.

I served with some of you, back then.

I know some of you,

that I ‘ve met since my own Navy days,

I knew some of you

who fell in service to their country.

I have read about and studied on

so many more who served that I never met;

some that gave their lives,

some who gave parts of their bodies,

some who came back mentally wounded,

and some who didn’t come back,

except as remains, in a government issue box.

It’s the sight of all the flags

that does this to me, I guess;

those damned old flags

that people will run down to Walmart

to purchase and display on their porches

and along their driveways, on this day.

Sure, it tears me up a little, but damn it;

This is my day, Memorial Day,

mine and my fellow veterans.

Oh well, enough of this bleak talk.

Hell, now that I think about it,

I might just open myself a beer, find a comfortable chair

and reminisce a little more, just me and my memories.

If you are around me, and look close,

you might see a tear in my eyse,

but don’t worry, on this day,

I’m in good company!


This old man, who served in the late sixties,

salutes you all, my comrades in arms.

by Don Bobbitt, 2017

Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2017, All Rights Reserved

This article is protected and you are allowed to enjoy it and share it with our friends, with the author’s written permission.


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