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Why is it? Flowers and Palms

I was just wondering!

Why is it that;

When a flower dies, we cast it aside.

But when a Palm Frond dies we make a roof of it?

This is one of those things I often wonder about.

By Don Bobbitt, April, 2017

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, April 2017, All Rights Reserved.

By ramblingdon

As a Storyteller from the South, it was only natural that I turned to writing about the many fantastic things I have seen and experienced in my decades traveling in my RV. I love to write about what I see, with my favorite being; interesting and amazing places. Tiki Bars with character, Beautiful Sunsets as well as Interesting People and Great Conversations. I am a decent photographer, a terrible investor, and a good friend at those who get to know me.
I have written and published a number of books on Amazon!

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