DON’s World – 200710 – WHO ARE WE in FLORIDA

Florida is an interesting State and as everyone knows it is a favorite spot for retired people to move to and enjoy the latter years of their lives. Of course we also have an image of being a state that is nothing but Beaches, Swimming Pools and Tiki Bars.

One reality that many people, not familiar with, this semi-tropical state is the fact that over 25% of the state’s population is Hispanic speaking according to the most recent Census. I’ve been living here for over ten years now myself and even I can see a slow change in the cultural lifestyle as these hard working people grow and participate in our government as American citizens.

Here is a link to my article that discusses the latest census data and what I have personally observed of how our nation has changed many things to aid all of the ethnic groups who are migrating here.

Click on the link below and go directly to this interesting article of my collection.

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