DON’s WORLD – Don’t “F” with my Font!

I use WordPress for this, my personal website. Or, is it a Blog? The lines between these are so blurred anymore.

Anyway, I’ve used WordPress for years now, so when hey started forcing everyone over to teir new BLOCK editor, I just capitulated and told myself, that it would be OK. I would just spend a few hours re-educating myself and move on with my writings.

Well, It looks like WP has other thoughts.

You see, If I like a certain FONT or Font size then I’ll probably be using it for a long time before I see a need for change. WP though, has decided that they will force-feed me these blocks, with their selected Fonts and Font formats, with every block I use!!!

Well, WP, your selected font is not what I want, and your decision that every letter will be a dull, almost invisible GRAY color? What the Hell is with this. Are you saving mone storing le pixels per letter, or something?

Well, I’ll use your Block editor, OM? But You are starting to push me to ask myself why I don’t take my five sites, and my hundreds of articles somewhere else.

You see, there’s something that you and your corporate mind hasn’t grasped.

I am a Writer, For better or worse, I am Writer. And, ust like Hemingway who had his trusty favorite typewriter, I ave my favorite FONTS sentence structures, and paragraph formats and such that supports my writing, and allows me the freedom to do it my way.

You, on the other hand want me to constantly deal with your “BLOCKS”. Well, it’s not good for me to spend sch a large portion of my writing time bouncing around in your BLOCKS on formatting, and not on my writing.

I implore you, fid this or else!



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