About the AUTHOR

My name is Donald Wilson Bobbitt and I am a Storyteller!

I come originally from Lynchburg Virginia, and I grew up surrounded by relatives.

My mother was one of ten children and my father was one of eleven. Add to this the fact that I have two brothers and a sister, plus so many cousins, that I would never dare try to name them all and possibly, just possible, you can appreciate my broad personal exposure to life and some of the characters that roam this planet of ours.

My relatives, the Uncles and Aunts along with a number of my cousins, truly were a strange arrangement of people. They were raised during the Depression and became adults just before and during WWII, suffering and loving in varied measures as they lived their lives.

So I can attest to the fact that some of them were Saints and honestly, many were Sinners. But regardless of their lifestyles, their strengths and their weakness’ they were great people, one and all. And of course, I watched, and listened and learned so many things that became valuable to my growth into an adult. The things I learned led my decisions as I grew and made my own place in the world.  I can only say; God Bless them all!

The wonderful thing about being a Storyteller is the fact that in today’s modern high-technology world, you do not have to stand up around a campfire or in a comedy club to tell your stories to others anymore.

With the advent of the Personal Computer, I quickly turned to writing, if for no other reason than to record all of the things I was constantly talking about with others.

I eventually became good enough at writing (from my perspective, anyway) that I began writing not just Short Stories but actual books.

My Published Books are listed on my personal AMAZON Authors SiteCheck them out and you might find some very entertaining and useful stories for your enjoyment.

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