About this SITE

Floating and Feeding

The WORLD according to DON!

I am Don Bobbitt, and the purpose of this site is to provide you, the reader, with access to my works, the Good and the Bad, as well as to myself as a writer and a person.

You will find a wide array of information here. I will post my short writings here and often links to my longer writings on my other sites. I will also share posts that include political commentary, medical and health information, the state of our Medicare system, sound retro-survivalist tips, and much more.

There will be links displayed in the header pages and on the sidebars that provide you, my readers, access to my other blogs that are subject specific.

I am constantly honing my writing skills and I hope you, my readers enjoy reading what I put here, on my Home Site.

And, I am including information about myself and my Bobbitt Family Genealogy. I do this as a reference to be used by those who are searching for data on their own ancestry who might be distant relatives of mine.

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