OK! I am a Baby Boomer and I am damned MAD about the way we are being treated by the Politicians who are Ruling our country these days and there are far too many people and systems that feel they can just ignore us as a voting group and dismiss our opinions.

I think we, as a group are far too complacent in our reaction to how our rights are being slowly stripped from us.

Additionally, I get upset and need to speak on subjects that are not just about the world of Retirees but are of interest to everyone.

This page includes LINKS to some of my Rants that I feel everyone, not only Baby Boomers should read and react to, by contacting their representatives in Washington and reading them the Riot Act.

Don’t say I didn’t speak up! I know a secret.

Groups of people are really just a bunch of individuals who banded together to get something done. 

Check my RANYs out and whether you disagree or agree, take a Stand, and make yourself heard! I sure as HELL am not going down, afraid to speak my mind …. on anything!



Chicken Poop is really just Chicken Poop

Do we let the worldwide surge of Syrian Refugees into our country.

STUPIDITY is not an OCCUPATION, Buy a Clue!






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