Not That Scared!


I read this Somewhere, Long Ago and I thought it was funny at th time. Looking at it now, maybe it isn’t that funny when you think about it!

One Day an old Man came into A sleazy bar and sat down, by chance near the pool tables. There were four young men who looked like they are in their twenties, and they were shooting pool and making a lot of noise. They were wearing the customary leather motorcycle club jackets and they were obviously very drunk.

The bartender came over to the old man and told him; Sir, these boys are trouble-makers and I recommend that you move down to the other end of the bar.The old man looked over at the drunker men, and then he turned back to the bartender and said; Thank You young man, but I’m comfortable right here. The bartender just shook his head and walked away, leaving the old man to whatever Fate had in store for him.

But, as luck would have it, one of the drunken men saw the bartender talking to the old man and after whispering to his buddies, they all dropped their pool cues on the table and then they walked over and surrounded the old man.

The shortest one said; So old man, you and the bartender got a problem with us shooting pool and enjoying a few beers? 

With this, he reached over and flipped the hat on the old man’s head, off and across the bar. The old man slowly turned to look into the eyes of the young punk and as he did so, the punk opened his jacket showing off a very large Bowie style knife holstered on his waist.

A this point the punk sneered at the old man and told him; In fact, I think I’ll just cut your old ass up a little, just for entertainment. The old man kept his eyes locked on those of the young punk as he reached down and gripped the handle of the knife.

At the same time, the old man reached into is jacket and pulled out a sweet little nine millimeter pistol and laid it onto the bar next to his beer. Then he smiled at the surprised punk. The punk started to pull his knie when one of his buddies reached over and stopped him. Then this second biker turned to the old man and asked him;

Are you crazy? My buddy here is ready to cut you up. And I can guarantee you one thing, If I let go of his arm, he’ll mess you up real bad. The old man glanced into the mirror behind the bar and saw that all four of the bikers were smiling to each other, but he just reached for his beer and took a long draft of it.

He saw that the bartender was holding a baseball bat and trying to sneak down the bar to where they were all standing. The silence grew longer and the older biker asked the old man;

Aren’t you scared that we will kill you where you sit?

The old man looked at the four punks as they waited for him to cower in fear and beg for his life. INstead he slowly laid his hand on the grip of his pistol and told the three punks; Well boys, I am 79 years old, and a life sentence for killing you four is not nearly as scary to me as it should be for any of you that survive what is about to happen.

When he finished talking, the smiles fell from the four punks lips and all of their eyes went to the pistol lying next to the half finished beer. Two of them took a couple of steps back and away from the old man. The one with the knife had a look on his face that said he was just a blowhard, and the third man?

Well, he slowly let go of the other punks arm, and talking loudly, to no one in particular, he said with a nervous tick in his voice; OK Boys, were late, so let’s give this gentleman some roon to enjoy his beer.

As they walked towards the door, one of the punks yelled back to the old man; Army?

The old man never took his eyes off of the mirror and responded; No, Marines!

The four punks picked up their pace and were quickly gone from the bar. The old man put his pistol away inside his jacket, and took a long sip of his beer, while the bartender walked over and drew another draft for the old man.

He set the beer down in form of him and asked the old man; Dude, How did you know they would back off like that?

The old man smiled at the bartender and said; Punks like those usually run in packs and generally speaking if you show them your teeth they will back off. The bartender laughed and said; Yeah, but what if they still come at you?

The old man started on his second beer and laughed out loud saying; I wasn’t lying; I’m 79 years old, I have lung cancer, and I’m really not worried about any kind of prison sentence the justice system may give me.

The Moral Here?





Thoughts from Songs – Different Drum

tn_DeadendI listen to a lot of my old MP3’s as I go through my days as a Retiree. And, unlike some of what I now hear being played on some systems and sites, I prefer songs that are poetic. By that I mean; the words mean something and usually they rhyme.

So, here is what the song Different Drum originally written and sung by Michael Nesmith.

My favorite lyrics are;

You and I travel to the beat of a diff’rent drum.


Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m knockin’.
It’s just that I’m not in the market
For a girl who wants to love only me.
Yes, and I ain’t sayin’ you ain’t pretty.
All I’m sayin’s I’m not ready for any person,
Place or thing to try and pull the reins in on me.

There are more lyrics to this great song, but these are the ones that my brain still retains, even to this day. A number of other artists also recorded this classic, but it’s not the great artists renditions that move me, but rather that iconic first line;

You and I travel to the beat of a diff’rent drum.

These simple lyrics say something to me each time I listen to them, and I’ll use them to generate a comment on something I see going on in our country.

My Thought:

Why have we changed from a nation of Diversity to one of Confrontation?

Let me explain; From the time of our Independence as a nation, we Americans were Rich and we were a Diverse collection of races, religions, and political ideals.

We were rich, not in monetary terms, but in land.

America had accumulated, from its infancy, vast amounts of land that needed to be settled and tamed that we accepted anyone who wanted to come here from anywhere in the world and then settle on a piece of America.

They could turn their land into a home and live their lives without any interference from others.

And as people came to America, we became a nation of very diverse views on just what the words in our nation’s Constitution really meant.

And our diversity drove us to a Civil War. There’s no need for me, a common citizen to speak on the politics of this tragic war, other than to say that, the people of America had split into two intractable, unmoveable political groups that were so polarized from each other’s views that the leaders of each group were beyond continued conversations and compromises.

This my friends is historically, how Wars start. And it did. It really doesn’t matter, from my perspective, who was wrong or who was right on which point. The lines had been drawn and a War resulted.

You can pretty much pick a major War and make the same conclusions; people formed into opposition groups who could, or would, not negotiate or compromise and a War was the result.

I know, mine is a simplistic view, but then I’m no politician, just a simple man with a simplistic view of politics.

So, back to my song and the key words that I love to hum under my breath when I turn on the local or national news.

You and I travel to the beat of a diff’rent drum.

You see, I am old enough to have seen enough, and opinionated enough myself to know that we, the people of America, will never totally agree on pretty much any issue before us as a nation.

But if we can keep the lies and deceits out of the negotiations, we can I believe, come up with compromises that when looked at over time, will hopefully show a movement towards our nation being a better place for ALL of its citizens!

Yeah, I like this old song, and I enjoy singing it often these days as I go through my life just watching as we and our drummers end up marching together.

by Donald Bobbitt, July, 2019, All Rights Reserved.

Click and play this great song as recorded by Linda Ronstadt:

Different Drum


Where are we NOW? #1 Corporations are Watching!

from: The MAN in a BOX: 

to: the Remains of the Public who CARE!



Just in case you didn’t notice it; there was a tidbit on the news yesterday that the media flipped through quickly.

You see, many of the companies that you buy from and trustingly loaded their App onto your Smart Phone and then used it to buy products from them are now watching everything you look at, including reviewing videos you watch.

They say you should trust them because they are only watching what you watch so they can better serve you with products that you are really interested in.

Here is the CNN link to their story;

CNN says they are watching us all.

Here is the NBC News link to their story;

NBC says we need a Do Not Track

Have a Nice Day!

a MAN in a BOX info-fact by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved


Antagonish – please go away!

I was watching a British detective story yesterday when the detective quoted a couple of lines of Rhyme that intrigued me.
But, for hours after that, and even into my sleep that night, the words kept running around in my head,
and now I wish they would go away (sic)!

Anyway, here’s a copy of the poem by William Hughes Mearns;

Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away

When I came home last night at three
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn’t see him there at all!

Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door

Last night I saw upon the stair
A little man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away.

by William Hughes Mearns (1899)

reference by Don Bobbitt

Classic, Classy and timeless INSULTS.


Today, so many people resort to profanities to insult someone that really sharp insults using clean language is becoming a rarity..

Below is a list of very good and classic insults by famous people of our past, that obviously skewered their subject with clean but sharply combined words.\.

They knew how to put someone in their place with the turn of a phrase.

I received this list in an old email from a friend, so I am putting them here for your amusement.

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How much Sugar and how many Calories are there in your favorite Wine?

Being someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, especially when served with a great meal, I often find myself involved in conversations about wines.

Probably the facts that I hear quoted, and argued about, most often are how many Calories are being consumed in a good glass of wine.

I do know some basic facts on wines and calories, but I also know that the right answer to this question is based on the Residual Sugar Content and thus the category of the wine being discussed.

So, simply put, the first thing you have to know as a wine drinker is  the sweetness category of your wine.

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Leveling the “Funny” playing field with ethnic/religious jokes


Hey, I was just thinking:.

There is far too much censorship in our world these days, and someone sent this to me in an email.

At first, I laughed and then I almost deleted it as being “too insensitive”.

But then I realized I was thinking this way, not out of concern for the people around the world who call themselves “Muslim’s”, but out some distorted “fear” of my perceptions of them, and (of course) I was swayed to some degree by what those (mysterious) radical terrorist factions might do, either to me or to others.

Well, that’s a problem in our society these days, this distortion of public opinion driven mostly by our press.

So, I am sharing this email with you, out of a sense that everyone in America really is equal. And that equality includes their having to be joked about, just like the rest of us in this country.

We Americans are a fantastic amalgam of races, religions and ethnicities. And. we all have something that someone can make fun of. In my America, People who call themselves “Muslims” deserve no more special treatments than anyone else in my America, so here goes.

Oh, and if you do have some perverted sense that you are so special that you should not be exposed to our American sense of equality, including our humor, then do not read the rest of this posting.

But, you might want to think about why you are here, sharing our great society, in the first place.


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Car Color Preferences of Birds, or Is your car a Poop Target”


Sometimes, I just have to share something that strikes me as being insanely useless information.

By insane, I mean when I see that someone has taken the time to seriously research a thing, spending time and resources just to get to a resolution, I have to wonder what was in their mind.

I was reading an article on HubPage that I will provide a link to below, where a group in the UK decided to do a study on, what were the favorite colors of cars for birds to POOP on?

OK, Me? well, my mind does go in some strange directions sometimes, and I do think about some strange things that I witness in the world. But …… Bird Poop Toilets (aka cars)? This one never entered my mind.

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America’s Hunters and National Security?



A friend of mine sent this information to me last year, so I don’t know the original source, but it is interesting enough for me to share with you.

Now, before you go any further, please understand that; I am not advocating anyone going out and buying a gun, and I am definitely not advocating any kind of gun controls.

I am just sharing this with you, my readers as a tiny little reason why any nation that thinks they can invade our country with impunity will always have second thoughts.

Would such a ridiculous thing ever happen? Probably not, right? Look at the Russian/Ukraine situation, my friends, and then think again!

So, here we go:  Continue reading

Quote by Robert E Lee


General Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee on the Civil War:

[W]e made a great mistake in the beginning of our struggle, and I fear, in spite of all we can do, it will prove to be a fatal mistake.

We appointed all our worst generals to command our armies, and all our best generals to edit the newspapers

Robert E. Lee, Civil War Era

Is Your Electric Bill to High? How to reduce your Home Electric Costs


Here is a link to an excellent article by a fellow HubPage writer.

It give some very sound examples of things that any home owner can do to reduce their Electric Bill.

How to Reduce your Home Electric Bill

by Don Bobbitt