Political Rant – Pre-Existing Conditions not covered?

Every now and then I have to go into one of my Rants about the callous stupidity of our nations politicians.

This is one of those rants about these heartless and cruel politicians and their attempt at splitting people with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions away from the rest of the population, essentially condemning them to eventual poverty and becoming second class citizens, with health problems that will often lead to the depletion of any saving they have or worse, their deaths.

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Diabetes, The Facts explained simply for everyone.

My Best Cheeseburger! Ever!

OK, as a Diabetic, (Type-2 Diabetic that is) I often get a little frustrated with having to explain why I can’t have that slice of Pecan Pie, or that large piece of Red Velvet Cake covered with several scoops of Ice Cream, etc.

Being a Diabetic, I have to stay on my toes when it comes to my daily food selections, and certain things are not allowed.

Most people just do not understand Diabetes, and I wrote the article below for you, so you can appreciate the disease itself as well as what a Diabetic must do to maintain a healthy body, every day.

So, click on the link below to read my HubPage article if you want to understand Diabetes and how to manage it.

Diabetes, Facts for the Newbie

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

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ZILMAX Feed Additive in Beef

3c360-cheeseburger_01 Although temporarily suspended, by Merck and Tyson, this new feed additive has strange effects on the animals taking it.

Drugs like this are a good reason to take more care in knowing what you are eating when it comes to meats, especially beef.

Click below to read the article.

Another reason to avoid Beef.

by Don Bobbitt


Signs of a Heart Attack, for Men and Women

human_heart_01 OK, this post is important to everyone.

One of the major killers of Men and Women is the dreaded Heart Attack.

I was sorting through the daily mail, at home,the other day and I found an advertisement that had a Fridge magnet attached to it.

The magnet was a simple thing that listed the most Common signs that a person might be having a heart attack. The interesting thing was that there were significant differences between several of the Men’s symptoms and Women’s symptoms.

I did a little research on this and I thought that I should share this difference with the rest of the world.

Below is a table listing these most Common Symptoms of a Heart Attack for both Men and Women.

Pain in one or both Arms, Neck, Jaw, Back or Stomach
Shortness of Breath
Dizziness or Light Headedness
Breaking Out in a Cold Sweat
Uncomfortable Pressure, Fullness, Pain or Discomfort in the chest
Abdominal Discomfort
Overwhelming or Unusual Fatigue
Nausea and Vomiting


I suggest that you might want to print this little table and tape it onto your own Fridge door. Just In Case!

Who knows, it could save your life.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Orange Wave

by Don Bobbitt, 2013

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Tips on Finding a new Doctor

Doctor pic by caricaturss, via Flickr


This link is to a great Hub by fellow Hub Writer, “Chuck”.
It explains what the normal person should do when they need to find a new Doctor.

Regardless of the reasons for needing a new Doctor, you want to pick someone that meets your needs, your insurance company’s needs as well as be someone who has a compatible personality with your Own.

Check this Link Out.

Hub- Finding_a_Doctor_near_youBamboo_01

Don Bobbitt