Some Days You Just Don’t Give a Damn!

Some Days, You Just Don’t Give a Damn! One of the first signs to me that I am in a bad mood is when I find myself staring through my TV screen or newspaper, and not at it. You know what I mean, when you have the daily world news playing on the TV and …


Dreams and Living

Dreams are so important To the Soul! They feed it with a Nectar so sweet and true. Reality tries to skew, blemish and belittle these fragile things, our Dreams. So we need to protect them as if they were our most precious children. These Dreams of ours, these inspirations, these hopes? They feed and Nurture …

Why is it? Flowers and Palms

 I was just wondering! Why is it that; When a flower dies, we cast it aside. But when a Palm Frond dies we make a roof of it? This is one of those things I often wonder about. By Don Bobbitt, April, 2017 Copyright, Don Bobbitt, April 2017, All Rights Reserved.


Servant to Abuser! Really?

Sometimes, just Sometimes! Don't you wonder? Don't you just Wonder? How do many people can claim such an intense desire to be a public servant! And when you let your defenses down and vote for them? They turn into just another abuser of their constituents, in the name of some personal political agenda that they …


JEEZ! You clean a couple of Fish and everybody shows up for a free meal!


Blood Pressure versus Coffee

I have high Blood Pressure! It's just a fact of life for me. Even if I were able to isolate myself from the growing number of idiots who dominate the news networks, and even if the government lowered my taxes and started making all of the free-loaders in our country get jobs and pay their …


OK, Let’s talk Beer Glasses!

This damnable weather will soon end, and we puny warm weather humans will be able to get back to our favorite habits in life. One of my fun things to do is finding a nice Tiki Bar and  enjoying a cold beer, occasionally. OK, I'm no longer that young fellow, from decades ago, who felt …


Plant those Tomato Seeds Now!

  Just a note to you gardeners out there. Right now is the beginning of the time for you to plant your tomato seedlings for your garden. Basically, most people will plant their seedlings inside using the last couple of year's final frost date as a reference for when to transplant them into the garden. …


STARBUCKs – Blended Frappuccino’s Cream Guide

Here is a great link to a HUBPAGE article on Frappuccino's and the Blended Cremes that are available for use as you customize your drink. It is quite informative and you should read it so you can be better prepared while in line to get the perfect flavors in your morning coffee. Click here: Starbucks …


WWII Code Talkers get their Medals

Here is a link to a great article written by a fellow Hub Writer about the recent medal awards for Code Talkers in WWII. Check it out: Comanche Code Talkers by Don Bobbitt  


IWas Just Thinkin’ – IRS Agents, FBI Agents

Just Chewing on my Cud, Why? I was Just Thinkin' With the mistakes of the FBI relative to catching terrorists being blamed on a manpower shortage, I just had an epiphany. Obama stuck a provision in his omnipotent Obama-Care Bill that allowed for the hiring of over 15,000 new IRS agents to catch Americans who …