The OLD MAN in the Keys, a developing digital book

For want of a title, I thought this was an appropriate one. I am OLD! and I am presently living in my motorhome in a campground in the Florida Keys and I have opinions about this place and the people who visit here.

As I walk and drive around the Keys, I continue to wonder what draws people down here, in this heat and high humidity.

Add the high cost of visiting here, and unless you are a fisherman, the lack of things to do, and what you end up with, is a long string if small islands that exist on tourist dollars and still manage to look worn out and dilapidated.

Well, I have put together several chapters of my musings on just what I see that makes this place so interesting.

If you are in any way interested, I have placed my chapters onto my HubPages site, and you can start with chapter-1 by clicking on the link below.

The Old Man in the Keys

by Don Bobbitt, May, 2017


OK, Let’s talk Beer Glasses!


This damnable weather will soon end, and we puny warm weather humans will be able to get back to our favorite habits in life. One of my fun things to do is finding a nice Tiki Bar and  enjoying a cold beer, occasionally.

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Traffic Control Situation, A Florida Thing!


My wife and I were out on one of our (sometimes daily) walks, around our community and there he (it?) was, a turtle in the middle of the street.

He was a 15-16-inch-long example of one of our lake turtles that we see all over Florida. Its back was scarred and had a coating of what looked like a grayish moss 0r mold growing on it. Its head was extended and its legs were doing everything they could to get across that expanse of asphalt.

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Chicken Poop is still just Chicken Poop! No matter how you dress it up!


I remember, decades ago, when they carted this old guy out on national news for his unique hobby.

He was obviously a simple farmer who was very uncomfortable with all of the attention he was getting.

What this man had done was simple and elegant.

He had a problem; He had worn his body out working on his farm his whole life and now he needed more money so he and his wife could have a better lifestyle.

He looked around, and all he had as resources was his farm itself and whatever was on this piece of land.

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I Wanna Run Away!


That’s Right!

I’m sitting here in Florida and really that’s where everyone wants to be. Right?

But me? I’m a man with the Wanderlust!

I need to see new places and meet new people.

I need to wake up at night and wonder what that strange sound was.

I need to see a sunset over a different horizon.

I need to look out the window and ask myself; Who the Hell are those people?

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Remember a Dreamsicle? Before there was a thing called chemicals?


I had a Dreamsicle the other day.

And it was good.

You know what a Dreamsicle is, of course, but what I’m talking about is the Dreamsicle of my youth.

I would walk up to Deb’s Place on a hot summer afternoon and lay my dime on the counter, that I could barely see over , by the way.

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Storm over Tampa Bay

Storm over Tampa Bay
Storm over Tampa Bay

I was sitting at one of my favorite Tiki Bars, called the Sunset Grill, at Little Harbor last week.

It was late afternoon and my wife and I were relaxing over a glass of wine and trying to decide whether to eat there or go home and cook up something later.

We were Just Chillin

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I shoulda Shot Him when I had the chance.


Late 1800’s in the Wild Wild West!

The Good guy, wearing all white leather and a large 10-gallon hat rode into town and tied his horse (named Hillary) in front of the local Saloon.

He pushed his hat back and with silver spurs jingling he walked, slightly bow-legged into the Saloon. When he got to the end of the bar, he motioned to the bartender with a wave of his hand. Continue reading “I shoulda Shot Him when I had the chance.”

The Original Children’s Spaghetti Song – On Top of Spaghetti

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Spaghetti and Meatballs

The Spaghetti Song

The wife and I, along with a friend of ours were relaxing over a homemade Spaghetti dinner.

The dinner consisted of Fettucini, homemade Tomato Sauce, all spiced up with fresh herbs, Italian style, with large succulent homemade meatballs and Pork ribs.

Of course, a bottle of a good robust Red Wine was opened, poured, and allowed to vent.

And, just like we did when we were kids, we each took our plates from the table, and stood in line at the stove and ladled this hot feast, to our individually desired levels, onto our plates before going back to the table to eat.

Of course, we used our largest plates, and on this, we laid the standard bed of hot Pasta for a base.

We then covered this steaming bed, with the delicious tomato sauce, meatballs and pork ribs, in glorious layers.

Finally, we each topped this gorgeous mountain of scents and colors with freshly grated Parmegano Reggiano.

To make ourselves feel that we were truly eating a healthy meal, we had a nice fresh side salad already prepared. It included; roughly chopped Romaine Lettuce, sliced Cucumbers, shaved Carrots, chopped sweet Vidalia onion, drained and washed Kidney Beans, and chunks of fresh garden tomatoes.

Then for the next hour, we ate, we talked, we ate more, we sipped on the great wine, and we joked.

Suddenly, the two ladies broke into an old song that I had not heard for decades. I finally joined in, and we sang this old verse over and over, eventually breaking in to laughter, as we poured yet another glass of wine.

We finished this succulent meal, and the wine, cleaned up and sat around finishing the evening with old stories and a bottle of a good crisp Chardonnay.

Later, I thought about that old childhood song, and decided to share it with those of you who were not as lucky as we were to have such a sweet memory.

SO………..Here it is:

On top of Spaghetti

All covered with cheese,

I lost my two meatballs,

when somebody sneezed.

They rolled off the table,

and on to the floor,

They kept on rolling,

and rolled out the door.

So, When you’re eating Spaghetti,

all covered with Cheese,

Hold on to your Meat Balls,

whenever you sneeze.

Love It!

by Don Bobbitt, 2010


Horseshoe Crab Shell , A walk on a Beach in the Flats.

Horseshoe Crab Shell
Horseshoe Crab Shell

I am one of those Lucky people, living in the Tampa area, who has a friend that owns a Boat. And we are often invited to just go out onto the Tampa Bay and enjoy the water and the many small islands (keys) and beaches, with them.

There were five of us on the boat the other day and we were just tooling around in the area that everyone calls the “flats”. It’s called the Flats because the water in the area is very shallow , often just 1-3 feet deep. And, if you do go there be aware that the area requires some careful navigation to avoid grounding your boat or Prop. But the extra caution is worth it.

Besides the great fishing in the Flats, there are beautiful white sandy beaches that you can pull up to and Picnic, or just take a walk on the beach and enjoy the cooling Bay breezes and near perfect weather.

My Buddy eventually did just that and pulled his boat onto a beautiful clean beach on an island. He jumped into the knee-deep and clear waters to do a little cleaning on the rear of his boat, and the ladies pulled out our light picnic lunches, singing along with some old Parrot Head music on the radio.

Me? I took the opportunity to stroll down the beach with my camera. I snapped a few good shots along the way, including this lonely, empty shell of a Horseshoe Crab.

Eventually, I turned, retracing my steps and when I got back to the boat, we sat and talked, mostly about nothing, as we devoured our lunch.

Then, a push-off from the beach, and a smooth ride home.  I can’t wait until we get another invitation to explore Tamps Bay.


Orange Wave

by DON BOBBITT May, 2013

Copyright  DON BOBBITT 2013,  All Rights Reserved

Orange Wave

My Best Cheeseburger! Ever!

Tasty Cheeseburger

My Best Cheeseburger! Ever!

This is a link to my HubPage article about a childhood experience of mine.

It recounts the time when I ate my most memorable CHEESEBURGER of my life.

It is a pretty good read, and I really think you will enjoy the story.


Don Bobbitt